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Nature’s Fragrances for the 21st Century

There are natural scents your body makes that you wash off daily.

Not just bad odors, but good scents, too.

These scents are used for communication.

Hygiene revolutionized the world and changed it for the better, but it has a dark side. 

You smell better when you shower, but you get along with others worse.

You can see this when visiting cultures which shower a bit less, even first world countries such as Germany, where social connection is much more visible and present.

Does smell have something to do with it? The current science suggests exactly that.

With Androtics, we seek to restore these primordial, social connections by  taking bio-identical copies of fragrances created by your body (and other natural scents people are known to respond to) and sequencing them to make human compatible colognes and perfumes that are results-oriented.

Almost all other fragrance companies are stuck back in the 1930s... with a radically outdated way of thinking and formulating.

Most fragrance companies use components that are highly toxic, which have nothing to do with nature — human or otherwise. The primary purpose of each ingredient is to smell good and produce sales, nothing more.

The typical fragrance company uses glamour marketing, but the typical fragrance really isn’t designed to produce the lifestyle they portray. The results, if any, are random. Honestly, they don’t really give “results” much thought at all. That’s not in their model of thinking whatsoever. They use advertising to create a connection between two things which are not actually connected. 

At Androtics, we think differently. In today’s business language, we’re the disruptors of the fragrance world. We’ve been working hard to take fragrances from the 1930s to 2030s style thinking and beyond.

First, Androtics uses the most modern and safest version of every ingredient, following the latest safety regulations in Europe, the most stringent in the world. All ingredients are also screened through the Environmental Working Group (EWG) online database. Rare for an American company.

Even more revolutionary is that each ingredient is used for a purpose

A lot of science has been done since the 1930s. We pick ingredients based on the result they produce, found both in the scientific literature and from our own extensive experiments conducted over the last two decades.

This allows each formula to create results in your life that parallel the marketing.

Think of these results-driven formulas as fragrances from the 21st century.

Not all are quite Star Trek fragrances yet, but we sure are working on it! 

Make More of Every Moment with Androtics

Don't throw your moments away. Life is too short to waste.

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100% Happiness Guarantee

These formulas are a lot like clothing. Some will work fantastically with you and your body type. Some won't work as well.

Either way, the risk is ours...

With 30 days for returns and 120 days of unlimited, trust-based exchanges, we guarantee you'll be happy with what you get, or we'll get you something you're happy with!

It's as simple as that.

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