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Early Adopter Primer

Hi, Since you bought an Androtics product, directly or indirectly, from 2017 or before, you qualify as an “Early Adopter”. This status carries with it special rights and privileges others do not have. You earned this with your early participation. This extends back to customers from Androtics’s eBay site, Yahoo Store, “Direct” store, The Pheromone Store, Love-Scent, and Pheromones UK. This gives you the highest level discount available on most Androtics retail sites, a minimum of 20%, but it can go up to 25% and sometimes higher. There may be additional products included just for you, or other benefits others do not receive. Additional benefits may be added with time, as technology allows the possibility. Androtics.com is the first Androtics...

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Be the Charismatic Hero

Before we get into the sexier stuff for summer, I wanted to have a nice “be a hero week”. First, Michael made a mix just for Valentine’s day called Fuzzy Wuzzies. It’s sort of like Warm, but with extra giggly feelings. It’s just the kind of feelings that women like. Michael experienced an unfortunate cardiovascular problem prior to it’s release, so Fuzzy Wuzzies couldn’t be released at that time. (He’s been recovering well, and sends his thanks to the many kind people who wrote in!) So what do with Fuzzy Wuzzies? Ok... so we’re going to take this $49 mix and just give it away this week. All orders over $100 have it automatically added to their cart. Now keep...

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