Be the Charismatic Hero

Before we get into the sexier stuff for summer, I wanted to have a nice “be a hero week”.

First, Michael made a mix just for Valentine’s day called Fuzzy Wuzzies. It’s sort of like Warm, but with extra giggly feelings. It’s just the kind of feelings that women like.

Michael experienced an unfortunate cardiovascular problem prior to it’s release, so Fuzzy Wuzzies couldn’t be released at that time. (He’s been recovering well, and sends his thanks to the many kind people who wrote in!)

So what do with Fuzzy Wuzzies?

Ok... so we’re going to take this $49 mix and just give it away this week.

All orders over $100 have it automatically added to their cart.

Now keep in mind, all women like feeling Fuzzy Wuzzy!

It doesn’t matter if it’s your girlfriend, your wife, your mom, or your daughter.

Women in general just really like this mix, as much as they like mimosas, sunlight and flowers. It’s wholesome and nourishing. It lets them take their minds off their troubles when around you. A mental and emotional vacation around their favorite guy.

It’s a pure comfort mix that that’s rated G like anything from Disney, unless you make it otherwise.

And next...

One more thing that’ll make you shine large around others in your life.

The ideal man is often exemplified by the feel of A314, and it’s modern counterpart, Mr. Charisma.

Mr. Charisma costs a *lot* to make. It uses the prized, ultra rare P90 molecule.

P90, for instance, plays a secondary, but very important role in A314.

This is the one Michael ran out of for awhile, which caused A314 to be taken off the market for over a year in days past. He just didn’t want to leave it out.

Well, he finally has a limited quantity of P90 again, and he’d like to share just what this molecule can do when it’s in a starring role. Thus Mr. Charisma was born.

It’s a VERY loved mix, but many dare not try it due to the price.

So here’s what we’re gonna do...

Any normal A314 order, and you can get a half price review copy. (this shows up as a bundle price in the cart, it’s just how the cart does things right now)

Any Dark Water order, and you get it for no additional cost at all.

Check out those bundles here:

A314 + Mr. Charisma for 50% off


A314 Dark Water + Free Mr. Charisma

Pretty cool, huh?

Just be sure to leave a review, so other people know what’s up.

All the formulas featured this week are formulas both men and women love, with a little something extra for the ladies on your life. Get something for yourself, while making all the women in your life feel absolutely great!

Here’s your early adopter discount code for this week.

or enter EARLY13831 at checkout.



PS — Any questions? I’ll be on and off chat all day.

I don’t know why, but sometimes 8 people want to chat at once, and other times I go for an hour without any. If too many people are on at once, it’ll make you leave a message.. but I will get back.


Remember, the more reviews you leave, and the more you publicly talk about our stuff, the more we can run promos. Whereas the more secret things are kept, the more prices have to go up by necessity.

Secrets cost a lot of money. That’s why the government pays SO much for it’s tech.

Most of what we make is like a super modern form of soap. It’s what responsible people use, and it’s to be admired. We’re not a sleezy company. Even our attraction mixes bring people together.

Just like soap, we’re only making lives better. We’re basically a Tony Robbins seminar in a bottle. So share a little, eh. 😉