Early Adopter Primer


Since you bought an Androtics product, directly or indirectly, from 2017 or before, you qualify as an “Early Adopter”. This status carries with it special rights and privileges others do not have. You earned this with your early participation.

This extends back to customers from Androtics’s eBay site, Yahoo Store, “Direct” store, The Pheromone Store, Love-Scent, and Pheromones UK.

This gives you the highest level discount available on most Androtics retail sites, a minimum of 20%, but it can go up to 25% and sometimes higher.

There may be additional products included just for you, or other benefits others do not receive. Additional benefits may be added with time, as technology allows the possibility.

Androtics.com is the first Androtics retail site where you can use your privileges.

There is also a new shop in the works just for women, where your benefits will also apply.

The exception is for the “New Ammo” Cologne.

“Old” or Classic Ammo is carried at Androtics.com, however Ammo is being remade and retooled as a product line that is more consumer friendly. The marketer given license to the product doesn’t have the technological capability to extend the Early Adopter program to older clients.

How to use and keep your benefits

To be marked as an Early Adopter in the new shop, simply click here to create an account. You will then be “tagged” as an Early Adopter, and added to the normal mailings on a special “Early Adopter” list.

That’s the easiest way to become a full active and participating member.

We can also move you to the early adopter version of our email list, which generally receives a message once or twice per week (higher during holidays). You’ll get news and special early adopter discount codes there.

We know not everyone that interacted with Androtics in the past bought many things. Some people “paid” in feedback or other arrangements. While we’re not really set up for that at Androtics.com, as it meant to be a simple retail operation that provides practical solutions to life’s problems.

However, the primary formulator, Michael Harris is still very much interested in crowd involvement. He grew up under the poverty line in an abusive environment, and experienced an undue share of problems early in life — despite having one of the highest IQ ever recorded in his region.

Due to this, he intimately knows no matter how smart, capable or talented you may be, you don’t always have complete control of your own circumstances. He has an unusually broad sense of empathy.

If you have other ways you’d like to participate, let us know, and maybe we can find a happy medium in some instances.

What if I want to keep my benefits for later, but “pause” them for awhile?

If you are not in a position to enjoy these benefits at the moment, you may wish to remain part of the Early Adopter program to enjoy those benefits later. They are substantial and valuable, as witnessed by the people who catch wind of the program and try to “sneak on”.

While you are technically always an “early adopter”, managing this list has its complications.

While most Early Adopters are on a fixed list, it is very difficult to add someone to this special list again once they are unsubscribed or otherwise been removed or “suppressed”.

Most mailing list management companies and even today’s shopping cart providers make it very difficult to “un-unsubscribe” or “un-suppress” an email. Recent laws have made this even more stringent. They assume end users wishes are final, even though people constantly change their minds. This makes it unnecessarily complicated to “become an Early Adopter again”.

So if you do not have a large amount of interest at this time, but may have interest later, you may wish to remain at least on a “low volume” Early Adopter list to easily retain these privileges.

We can easily move you to that low volume or “quiet list”, and move you back to the normal one later, based on your wishes. We can do that ourselves, and we can do it quickly. Just ask and we’ll make sure to setup your account status properly.

It’s when you remove yourself from a list using the email sender’s own tools, and then change your mind, that we often need to ask the mail provider themselves to manually restore your account.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any interest at all and are certain you won’t ever, that is the time to completely remove yourself from the program. Just hit the unsubscribe link to do that, or let us know with an email or chat message, and we can add you to an even more permanent remove list.

Either way, we understand and respect your decision. We’re simply letting you know about this complication, because it’s very real and can become an annoying factor.

We’ve had a few people change their minds, and we’ve needed to involve higher level support at both our mailing provider and shopping cart to “re-add” interested parties. This basic task can become strangely complicated with the involvement of 3rd parties.

Again, we’re completely ok with you changing your mind on a personal level. It happens. We all change our minds. It’s completely natural!

Unfortunately, it’s technology and the laws involving technology that don’t yet mimic how people actually work.


How can I prove I previously purchased an Androtics formula?

If you’re on this mailing list, you’re probably an old Direct or eBay customer.

We can check select email addresses, otherwise if you came from other channels, please do your best to send us a receipt or other form of proof that you were an Androtics customer from another channel. If you can’t find one, just chat us up and we can guide you on what other forms of proof are okay.

Conversationally, we can offer many more options than we could think of writing about ahead of time.

What happens to Androtics Direct?

Androtics Direct was to become Androtics Lab, until the woman operating it became quite ill.

As far as we know, this is still her intention, although it will be delayed for an unknown amount of time.

If you’re into the more arcane and scientific aspects of Androtics, this is likely where you’ll want to go once it comes available.

In the meantime, the Androtics.com retail outlet has been adding simplified versions of formula testing and experimental formulas to appease Early Adopters. These aspects may go away, or may be pared down, once Androtics Lab is functional.

What if I’m still owed product by Androtics Direct?

If you are still owed any product from the previous Androtics Direct. AndroticsDirect itself has now folded, it’s legal structures dissolved, and technically has nothing.

On the other hand, Androtics.com is a retail operation run by a very different person and team. Think about how different franchises work, and you’ll get the idea. One McDonalds isn’t necessarily connected at all to another, except by name and type of product.

That may sound grim, however, the Androtics’ formulator, Michael Harris, is taking care of anybody affected by its sudden closure of Direct as a courtesy. As you may already know, it’s very important for him to do the right thing as best he can.

In terms of licensing, this is sort of like the founder of founder of Papa Johns stepping up and providing pizza for customers of a closed location.

Generally speaking, you may convert whatever was owed to you to a credit on Androtics.com that you can use on anything in stock. You’ll get rapid fulfillment of what’s available. Michael will then provide us with additional retail products to satisfy our loss of inventory.

Of course, we hope to earn you as a customer in the process.

Yet even if you don’t continue with us, we’re happy that we’re able to do right by you.

To make this happen, simply make arrangements with us by chat or via our support email. We do not have access to receipts from Direct, only the mailing list and other small pieces of information, so please forward the receipt to us. We’ll then work with the limited data we have to validate the claim, and get things moving to you.

This may sound complicated, but it’s not. In the year since opening, we’ve helped almost 200 people affected by the Direct closure. There’s not many left, but if you’re one of the few, let us help you! Michael wants to make sure everything has been set right.

If there was something special you ordered, Michael may still be able to make that for you — although there can be quite a delay for custom orders, as Androtics.com is not set up for these. You will be waiting for Michael directly, and he’s generally quite busy with his own consulting work and other projects. Still, he’s dedicated to making things as right as he can.

Here’s something we’re set up to do more quickly... small run batches.

If you had something custom that you figure at least 100 other people would be also like, we can usually have a small, limited run batch of that formula made in under a month’s time.

How are things arranged now?

When Michael left the day to day functions of Androtics Direct almost a decade ago, he reconfigured the company as a licensee of his technologies, formulas and brand names.

A small royalty of 1% was paid for usage of the name, and a larger, but still nominal royalty of 3% was paid on the sale of each product.

This was done, in part, to allow him to do more work for other related companies, but he became busy with consulting and product design work in completely different industries. The licensing system wasn’t used as extensively as he originally planned.

That changed in 2018, after the fall of Direct, when the license for select formulas were given to different proprietors.

Most of Michael’s “consumer” products, some of his experimental products was given to Dan K who now runs and licenses Androtics.com. He has an arrangement similar to what Michael had with Androtics Direct, but much more consumer focused. (He doesn’t, for instance, have the right to use the ExperiMone name)

Dan used to run one of the largest tea shops online via Yahoo Stores, before selling it to focus on retail consulting work in Seattle and along the west coast.

While you can now find almost any tea you want, things were different close to the start of the internet boom. Dan was one of the very first to offer Pu’er, matcha and other rare teas online.

He and Michael first connected when Dan needed help with his autistic child, then reconnected when Michael wanted to source a hard to find tea from Sri Lanka. This relationship grew over time.

Ammo was given to a large volume affiliate marketer. Ammo is being changed to a product line itself, and was not originally licensed for sale elsewhere. However, an arrangement was later made to allow Androtics.com to carry the original Ammo formulas — and even to make it’s own small variations.

What is not yet allowed is for Androtics.com to carry the “New Ammo” formulas, or to make drastic variations. We have our own formulas that can be considered the evolution of the original Ammo concept, including Hunted.

However, we hope to carry “New Ammo” in some capacity, as we feel the new, simplified line is a good introduction to what pheromones can do.

Licensing for the ExperiMone line is reserved for the upcoming AndroticsLab. However, Michael is willing to make lookalike formulas for the “Experimental” portion of Androtics.com. It is only the name which is exclusive to “Androtics Lab”.

We are mostly free to use similar concepts, but under different names and markings.