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A top request I hear is to add payments to the site, with something such as Affirm or Afterpay.  This happens especially when I write about A314 Dark Water. Most people know the value of A314 and want to experience this limited release before it runs out. Dan (the man who runs this site behind the scenes) dug into researching these services this summer and found that not all are built equally. Some are more aggressive than others.  We love our customers, we have a lot of personal contact, and we really don’t want you getting into any trouble. What he found is that the service called Klarna is more pro consumer than the others.  Klarna offers short term payments that are...

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Email: Happy Father’s Day

Hi, Olivia here wishing you a very fine Father’s Day! Whether you have a father to celebrate today (or the memory of the man who helped raise you), or you are father yourself, I wish you a very fine day. It feels so good to celebrate this all-important role for men.In the spirit of family, we’re giving away Warm today with orders over $100.  It provides a very real sense of calm and bonding. In business, it can even be used for team building.You can read about Warm here.Aaron said Warm provided him with "The Best Family Day in Years""The best way to summarize it was that waseverybody liked being around daddy. We really felt like a family, a happy family. It’s...

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