Email: Happy Father’s Day

Olivia here wishing you a very fine Father’s Day!

Whether you have a father to celebrate today (or the memory of the man who helped raise you), or you are father yourself, I wish you a very fine day.

It feels so good to celebrate this all-important role for men.

In the spirit of family, we’re giving away Warm today with orders over $100.  It provides a very real sense of calm and bonding. In business, it can even be used for team building.

You can read about Warm here.

Aaron said Warm provided him with "The Best Family Day in Years"

"The best way to summarize it was that waseverybody liked being around daddy. We really felt like a family, a happy family. It’s the best Saturday I’ve had with the fam in a long time.

The (sometimes secret) wish of all fathers is for their sons grow into strong, reliable men. In their deepest hopes, they wish for their sons to be leaders of men.

There is no stronger man than the man others follow.

This “leader of men” quality is exactly what Alpha A314 exudes. It’s radiates a strong, manly “follow me” signal that engages others to listen and fall in line. People who wear it notice signs of deference everywhere they look.

To many, there is no finer position in life than leadership. No better role to play. The most desirable women almost always find leaders of men the most appealing.

You may want to check it this Father’s Day. Read about A314 here.

If you already have A314 and love it, you may wish to check out the Ultra Elite “Dark Water” Edition, which uses some of the world’s rarest, all natural perfuming ingredients — such as ambergris musk from sperm whales.

For Father’s Day, we’re also including a stick of Mr. Charisma with every Dark Water. A very different, but still palatable type of leadership quality.

I hope you and yours have a fine Father’s Day, and a fantastic week ahead.


PS  Hot times, such as summer and the warmer parts of fall, are the perfect time for slower-release, oil based formulas.

We have quite oil based formulas already, but if you’ve like to see some of our sprays in oil format, just let me know!

“Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men ―the other 999 follow women.”
― Groucho Marx