Hunter Pheromone Cologne FAQ

Here’s an FAQ based on questions we’ve been getting the past few days.

What makes Hunter Pheromone Cologne different? 

For the first time ever, Hunter combines the the world's finest university made synthesis of age-old classic, androstenone, with Androtics' exclusive priming pheromones. 

These priming pheromones were previously used in high quantities only in formulas requested for government operations to allow other molecules to work more effectively.

The upsides of this class of molecules are enormous, but because they have the potential of over-activating the wearer's brain, they can also can be draining. For some users, they're like drinking too much espresso, or Turkish coffee (one of the strongest coffees).

Too Much Coffee

We have very specific diet, nutrient and behavior recommendations that we provide to workers in that field to overcome the downsides. Too much to ask of "civilians".

More recently, we've been adding small amounts of these priming molecules to more of our formulas, testing the boundaries of how many we can add before their the downsides of their self-effects. They're recently been added in moderation to Shine oil v2, Come Talk To Me v3, and A314 v2.40.

Now we're providing a larger, "medium sized" helping in Hunter. It's a little bit draining on the user, but worth it. 

In the context of mating, this is actually par for course.

Mating is a high energy exercise for humans, as it is for all living creatures.

Think of a Peacock and it's feathers.

Peacock with it's amazing colors for dating and mating, sexual attraction

Birds gather up enormous numbers of nutrients to create these giant visual displays for attraction. Birds primarily mating signals are visual and auditory. (for mammals, like us humans, we're less colorful and are actually driven by scent first for our signals) 

Or think how you get tired after doing the deed. You give your all to get with her, and then be with her, and then poof... for most of us, it's sleepy time. Very, very relaxing sleep.

There's no real way around this. There's a large energy and resource expenditure for everything that involves mating.

Is Hunter fragranced?

Yes, the first version is.

It comes with the same cologne in Hunted, the same one that used to be found in “Ammo Summer”.

Internally, they call this the “Blue Summer” fragrance.

When a non-fragranced version is made, you will really have to use it with a cologne outside of the house. Inside your home you may be able to get away with using it “raw”.

We’ve been talking about a limited edition that is scented only with deer musk for a special edition. A real and true “Hunter” edition if there ever was one. This would’ve made a great launch version, but unfortunately the idea came too late.

Does Hunter work for younger users, or is it mostly for older guys?

Is Hunter Pheromone Cologne for Young or Old Cassanovas? David Tenant would love it

Androstenone based formulas are almost always a godsend of one type or another for men with some age on them.

The priming pheromones help more people to more intensely and positively respond to androstenone, but there some things to know when you're younger.

The younger you are, the natural androstenone you make your own.

Also, the younger you are, you'll usually seek even younger woman than you. This is going to be more hit and miss (and is covered elsewhere in this FAQ). Read on, and you'll see that androstenone centered formulas such as Hunter tend to be best for certain types of women and certain ages.

Hunted (with a d) may be more your style, or a future "lighter" edition of Hunter (see below).

Now if you crave intense and potentially unique physical experiences with women, you may want to think more about the rewards possible with something that's pure fire such as Hunter.

If Hunter sounds like something you’re open to, then give v1.0 a try — and we’ll back you 100%. If it ends up being too strong or unbalanced, we'll happily work to making a version more appropriate for you.

Even if we can't do that immediately, you can get something better suited for where you are in life in the meantime, no problem.

That goes for everyone. Try whatever looks and sounds appealing to you. If it's not a good match for you, we'll give you a credit to try something else. We have a wide variety of other solutions and want to make sure you are placed with the right ones.

A little more detail...

If you’re younger, you’re probably making a lot of androstenone already, but you don’t make any significant quantity of priming molecules. This is an advantage only Hunter has.

Being young is actually very similar to those on high fat, high animal product diets.  The “paleo” diet has been trending for quite some time in the male self improvement community.

Paleo diets increase hormones and pheromones

Men on this diet tend to make far more androstenone naturally. Their bodies really do work more like those of young men. They add muscle at the gym more easily, and they actually smell more like younger men.

However, those on the paleo diet don’t usually make any impactful amount of the priming molecules, either. Hunter still has an advantage here that doesn't quite come naturally.

Michael and I suspect we’ll need to make a “Light” version for both types of users in the future. We’ll sculpt a version around the special needs of this use case, something that’s rich in priming molecules and lower in androstenone.

In a way, a version for young bucks and those on special, rich diets wouldn’t wouldn’t be “light” as we’d be decreasing one molecule, but increasing several others. We’ve called other versions like this "Light" or "Young Edition", but we're open to suggestions. We'd love to find something accurate, but catchier.

Michael says he’s found two levels of users that benefit from lower androstenone formulas. There’s ones that thrive with 1/2 to 1/5th as much androstenone as we typically use, but then there’s some users that work best with formulas 1/10th to 1/30th as strong. It’s always been the latter group which is harder to suss.

If you're part of these groups, we'd love to hear about how you prefer to identify and talk about yourselves.

How many uses do you get?

This is going to depend on your age and natural pheromone levels, which are usually an extension of your health status, nutritional levels and hormone levels.

You get up to 40 uses per bottle.

Up to 80 if you’re an early adopter.

This is as low as 50 cents per use for early adopter, and a bit more if you're not.

However, with age we tend to need more. I’ve been able to use 2 to 3 sprays per use with my wife.

As an older man, for me, it’s been under a dollar to somewhere around $1.50 per use.

Users under 30 will often need just 1 spray. If you’re under 30, it’s super thrifty.

Considering that some modern marketers talk about extreme price jacking for anything that enhances a sexual experience, and how companies should make normal things (such as lightbulbs and furniture) “sexy” just to charge a premium.

After all, this formula gets to the heart of what many men enjoy most in life! :-)

There's these ridiculous "sexy" candles out there selling for $60 each that are just candles. They're sexy in name and in marketing only, whereas this formula is actually engineered to literally be sexy. 

Mating is a high energy/high cost task for humans and all living creatures. Yet this is still much cheaper than the traditional fixings, such as a Land Rover, a cool shirt, or even a beer.

Land Rovers are sexy, but expensive!

As it's priced now, Hunter is a tremendous bargain, unmatched by anything else.

You're talking pennies to two dollars USD for a potentially mind blowing sexual experience with a real, live human being. In male parlance, it really is nothing.

Does this work well for younger targets?

Attractive young college girl from Arizona State

This is where things get a lot more complex. 

For the first release, we just wanted to keep it simple.

Most people define younger women as 18 to 30, or increasingly, 18 to 35 or so. The cultural age for "youth" keeps going up.

However, in terms of these types of molecules, it's biological age and reproductive phase that matters. We’ll define younger women here as 18 to 25. Basically, university age and a bit beyond. I’ll talk more about why in a minute.

In a bar type situation, yes, it does work better than bare androstenone. We’ve tested that.

So for younger women who show up in “mating places” (which is what bars are, except in the UK where pubs are more social), yes, it works better.

This is especially true with women who visually advertise their higher sex drive with tattoos and the like. Even for young women, androstenone rich formulas are very attractive to certain psychological subsets. Girls who are "oversexed" or "tough" tend to love it.

Outside of that scenario, we do not have much data.

Michael’s own close knit testing group, which I've been part of the past several years, usually focuses on social and work mixes.

Most of us are happy to go to a bar for a quick test, but we’re not necessarily actively “on the prowl” otherwise.  For instance, I use this with my wife. I’m not about to use this for “street” or “night game," or call over a woman with Tinder.

I’m happy to test a little when getting an after work cocktail, but bars tend to concentrate certain types of people.

Women who frequent bars tend to be unusually motivated sexually. Even women who visit less frequently tend to do so near their time of ovulation. This makes it unfair to apply this data to the general population.

If you’re after younger women outside of bar and club type environments, we’d love for you to give it a shot at 1-2 sprays. Then let us know how it goes.

We suspect that sometimes it’ll work like gangbusters, and other times it’ll be too strong. Based on your feedback, we can then better make a formula for better suited for this age range.

Now for women over 25, especially over 28, their reproductive urge is higher. This formula, like many others, works better with this age range.

Any time a woman is near ovulation, androstenone works better. The peak attraction time for androstenone is precisely when a woman a woman is ovulating.

More women have sex before and during ovulation

The further you get away from ovulation time, the more it tends to repel them. In fact, androstenone is at it's peak repulsion point during a woman's period.


Scientific data on What Happens During Ovulation

Now, with age, the number of days androstenone is attractive increases.

It’s not that the ovulation window increases (it’s usually about 20 hours), but the urge to reproduce grows as the “biological clock” (the reproduction clock) decreases. And, of course, the priming molecules increase the size of this timing window even further.

How “Magic” is this formula? Will I have complete, godlike control over women?


Olivia Wilde Mind Controlled

Priming molecules help to a degree that some even view them as “magic," but they don’t completely rewrite biological reality.

Think of it this way…

I rented a Tesla Model S via Turo (a car sharing app) a few months ago. It was like “magic” to me, because it resolved all kinds of problems that normal cars have. It made me rethink what a car could do, especially with it’s nearly perfect traction control.

Tesla cars make each ride this interesting mix of refined and exhilarating, but it still worked within the parameters of physics. As “alien” and magic as the Tesla felt, it worked within the realm of the possible.

Tesla in Space with Starman. So "alien", yet real!

That’s what we’re doing here, too. We’re not recreating the universe itself or redesigning men and woman from the ground up. Even when it seems like “magic," we’re still just making the most of what is possible.

With women, there’s their age and readiness in life, their life cycles (and the reproductive cycle), their personality, their hormonal cycles, and there’s their free will. There’s a lot going on that we may exert some influence over, but not absolute control.

I’m trying to say… Know that this is a great step forward and does help, but don’t get crazy about it.

Sometimes your expectations will be far exceeded, but sometimes they won’t, especially when you have “special targets” in mind.

There are always plenty of woman that respond well. Sometimes they'll be the ones you had in mind, sometimes they won't. Sometimes the surprise is even better.

There are outliers and special circumstances with all human beings, including women.

I think some of the “man-o-sphere” and MGTOW type information on the internet has been going a little too far into fantasy land. They may make some good points, but there’s some wildly inaccurate ones, too.

Women have a lot in common, yes, but they really aren’t all the same. When you get into the biology of attraction, this becomes more obvious. Biology is more fact than fiction, so it's a marvelous thing to consider.

This is the same with men. We share a lot in common, but we’re different, too.

That’s ok — these differences make life interesting!

Does this replace Turn Up The Heat?

In some ways it does, it some it doesn’t.

Turn Up The Heat is an old, complex formula, whereas Hunter v1.0 is much simpler. Hunter is literally the world’s finest synthesis of androstenone + priming molecules. (and a little something extra in the test bottle that early adopters receive)

It took awhile to develop the priming molecules, but we did not develop androstenone itself. So this is a different approach.

Turn Up The Heat is what you get after years of tweaking, whereas Hunter is at it’s beginning.

What’s special about Hunter is a little different from what’s special about Turn Up The Heat.

Hunter boosts acceptance of its primary molecule, whereas the primary molecule in Turn Up The Heat has been adorned and exalted.

Turn Up The Heat is like Androstenone+. It's souped up androstenone, or "super androstenone".

Androstenone in Turn Up The Heat is like a King that's been placed in fancy robes, and has it's own servants. It has it's own cast and crew.

On the other hand, the androstenone in Hunter is more raw, and the other molecules simply let it cut through. The priming molecules are more like the delivery boy, or someone who helps open the doors. Ultimately, Hunter is a simpler formula. On the other hand, sometimes simpler works better. (think of lasers)

Michael wants Hunter to start anew with raw androstenone and develop Hunter over time. This opens up the possibility of developing something much better than Turn Up The Heat (or at least as uniquely wonderful) with time.

The simplicity of Hunter lets us better know what's doing what, so we can get a handle on what to try next.

We’re essentially competing with ourselves here, to better make something new and exciting.

We’re currently making Hunter in smaller batches of 100 bottles to 200 bottles per version to quicken the feedback and development cycle.

All of this tech may cross apply, of course.

As different mixes follow their own development paths, they can occasionally come together as even stronger hybrids and fusions of one another. It'll be a nice ride.

For instance, even in the shorter term, we be able to take Hunter’s priming package and add it to a special edition “Boosted” Edition of Turn Up The Heat. I think that’d be something nice to make for the many men still in love with Turn Up The Heat.

What's the difference between Hunted and Hunter?

Hunted with a (d) was so named because of the looks and attention a test mix garnered from women in public spaces.

It's a very heavyweight complex mix that's very "automatic" in attracting attention. Michael hates when I say it, but with over 50mcg of a wide variety of pheromones per spray, literally has "something for everyone".

Hunted is very modern. It's the first pheromone for the Tinder generation. It's the lazy way where things just sort of come to you and you enjoy what you get.

Hunted Pheromone Cologne is as easy as Tinder. For the Tender Generation

Hunted is basically a role reversal formula that helps with the sort of fantasies you sometimes see in movies. It's good fun.

I'm a married man, so I'm not the ideal user of Hunted. Even for fun, though, I've even had a lot of fun wearing Hunted at a mall food court. You get so many looks of desire, of this sort of deep, almost primal curiosity.

I was going to say Hunted can make an older man feel young again, but it's more like feeling like a young actor or musician. Maybe a young Brad PItt. I didn't get that much attention when I was young. It's really cool.

Hunter with an (r) is quite different.

While Michael often likes to make a mix first and name it later, Hunter was of the few mixes more intentionally designed in a top down manner. We have a good handle on what both androstenone and priming molecules do, and they work as expected in the formula.

The word "Hunter" is more active than "Hunted". The formula is, too.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine has Hunter androstenone pheromone energy on his paleo diet

Hunter is pure masculine fire in the form of the world's finest university made synthesis of androstenone, combined with priming pheromones that alter recipient's openness and reactions to that primary molecule.

Hunter is meant only for the more active male in dating and mating scenarios. Although all pheromones have a degree of "automaticness" to them, Hunter will work best when you take on a role of a more traditional, assertive male.

Hunter is also proven to work fantastically many times when used in the bedroom with a woman you're already involved with. 

In fact, it was hypothesized that the priming molecules would help to take a relationship back some years to help couples experience the physical intimacy they originally did. Although it could probably be tuned for certain use cases, this is precisely what Hunter is providing for some men. 

This is where it's been shining for me, personally. It's bringing back that old spark and introducing more novelty to my bedroom.

Of course, women are complex and have many needs. Sometimes things fizzle out physically because they've flattened emotionally. Hunter may not help as much in those circumstances, but Michael is working on more solutions to help restore a relationship with a woman you love.

Even if things haven't flattened out with a woman you're with, a spray or two to the chest of during when you "get busy" is a fantastic way to take things to a new level.

If your woman responds well to the 2 or 3 spray level, I find that the priming molecules even help her to open up to the possibility of new things sexually.

So if you're "stuck in rut" in the arena of physical intimacy, doing the same old things, perhaps try Hunter with a copy of the Kama Sutra, or some interesting new videos you can watch together.

Maybe you can try a position or technique you've been wanting to try with her for years. The priming molecules help to open the way.

This makes Hunter is a lot of fun! Just a very different type of fun than Hunted.

I hope this helps. Keep the questions coming, and we’ll keep the answers coming.

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