6 ways to keep New Year resolutions you almost never hear about

Making New Years resolutions may be easy, but keeping them is an entirely different story.

Here are six tried and true strategies to keep your head in the game this new year.

1. Reframe behaviors you want to “stop” into things you can do.

So many New Years resolutions revolve around reducing or stopping certain behaviors or habits.

Say you want to stop smoking, stop eating certain types of food, text less, etc.

The problem with this type of intention is that it’s in the negative. You can’t just “do” a negative. Real change needs an actionable goal stated in the positive.

We need to know what to replace an unwanted habit with.

Stop smoking = Take a breather.

Stop eating carbs = Eat more protein.

Text less = Write something longhand or go play a sport.

2. Take a deep look at how you are benefiting from your negative habits, to make sure “healthier” replacements provide similar benefits.

When we look below that surface of an activity, we can discover what makes them tick -- and how to change them.

Here are some examples:

— People who want to stop eating sweets still need to eat something.

You can plan to eat 1 or 2 more salads per day, which just won’t give you the room for the sweets.

If you research sweets further, you can learn that sugar cravings are often cravings for minerals (which normally are found in sugar containing foods in nature), so you could also plan to take a good multi mineral with your first meal of the day to fulfill your underlying needs.

Lastly, you might find that planning to eat a few mineral rich fruits, such as bananas, can serve as a form of harm reduction. Even if we originally wanted to minimize sugar, mineral and nutrient rich fruits are always superior to overly processed sweets. Even if they may not fit some of the more extreme diet ideologies we hear about, they can satisfy both cravings and underlying nutrient needs, and do us a lot of good.

— People who smoke tend to go outside and have chats with fellow smokers.

So instead of smoking, maybe you can plan to go on more walks with chatty friends to fulfill underlying social needs.

Some smoker have an oral fixation, so perhaps you’d an also plan to chew more gum to replace the underlying need to have something in your mouth.

3. Break down your major goals to smaller, actionable steps

Do you eat and entire mango or steak at once?

Of course not! It wouldn’t even fit in your mouth, so you cut it down to size with a fork and knife. (or even your hands if you’re feeling primal!)

Does your blood stream then take the bites you eat and send it to your bloodstream?

Nope. Digestion takes the pieces you’ve eaten, and breaks things down even further.

Brain science shows that we can much more easily place into action small steps than we can large. Large goals may be appealing, but we need to break things down if ever wish to implement them.

Breaking things down helps us to both start a positive new behavior, and to continue on the road to success.

As Lao Tzu said...

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

If you have, let’s say, a weight goal — break it down into actionable steps that are right for your body type. There’s many small things you to do lose 20 or 40 or even 140 pounds. It’s beyond the scope of this email to cover what these things are, but I hope the metaphors above give you the right idea. I’m also happy to help you break large goals down to smaller ones in chat.

4. If you haven’t done ANYTHING to go towards your goals yet, then do the very minimum

So many people want to start exercising in the new Year, yet haven’t been able to bring themselves to it. Not even a 20 minute a day walk.

If so, then do the minimum. The absolute minimum. Go out and walk for even 1 minute. Or to the gym and dedicated yourself to going on the treadmill for just one minute.

That’s all it takes to get started!

This is not a trick to make you do more. If you don’t want to do more than a minute the first day, don’t. You can pack up and leave, and do 2 or 3 things minutes the next day.

Start small, and every day do a little bit more. Even the smallest amount. 1 minute the first day, 2 minutes the second, 3 minutes the third day.

You’ll get there.

Trust me, this makes it very easy to get started with ANY goal.

5. Avoid extremes

  The two extremes some people fall into are doing nothing or doing too much.

Both keep you from your goals.

If you dive too deeply into a new behavior and cause pain, you’ll learn to avoid a topic. Pain avoidance is built into all of this, so it’s important to avoid over exertion at first.

But if you even dip your toe into the water of the new behavior you want, you are far ahead. You’ve taken that first step, and now are much more likely to take the second and the third.

6. Biochemically model someone who gets things done

Lastly, you may want to consider A314 to make this easier.

Usually we won’t promote products for self-effects, as people quickly get used to most of these effects. Some people use the mood lifting affects of Shine, for instance, to help combat their anxiety, but we warn against this as it’s usually not as reliable for this purpose long term as proper medication, therapy, etc.

On the other hand, there’s a few self-effects which don’t fade for most people over time.

A314 is one of those formulas that tend to be very reliable for most people.

I hear time and again that A314 makes people feel like strong, stable, reliable men. For many men, it makes them feel like grown up Boy Scouts that can do and achieve anything. Feel like a solid man from 1914, carved of stone, who can accomplish anything.

That’s a great feeling to start the day with.

Standard A314 was recently updated to make it a little warmer feeling, as one of the few complaints we’ve received was that A314 was too commanding and “cold”. So the latest version addresses this. It’s been out a few months now, which I've been hearing great things about in chat.

If you want to treat yourself to something special, we also have a few more bottles of the ultra limited, all natural Dark Water Edition left this month.

Both editions help with goals by putting the wearer in the right mindset for accomplishment and success.


I hope this helps you with your goals this year!

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