How to Slay Mother's Day, Part 2

Hi guys,

We're back again with another installment of How to Slay Mother's Day.

Here are a few more brilliant last minute tips and ideas to paste a smile on Mum's face today.

What do all mothers want, deep down?

They want to see their baby SUCCEED and be a good person. A good man.

So be extra decent in how you treat her, and how you treat others. Show just how exceptional you can be.

Even if you’re not always this way, on Mother’s Day, make an extra effort. Act like a boy scout, a scholar, and a gentleman all at once.

This makes mother’s swoon. It’s what they truly want.

Break out your A314, and maybe your Warm, if you have it. Be that idealized man.

Turn against the herd

Go with the herd, and you’re like everyone else. Not entirely a bad thing when everyone else is being decent, but it’s not exactly memorable, either.

Turn against the herd, and you are truly memorable.

Experience idea: At home wine & cheese flight

Pick up a wine and cheese she likes.

And then another wine and one or more cheeses that’s new to her.

Make your own wine & cheese flight! It’s easy to do, affordable, and she’ll massively appreciate the thought and effort.

If you or she doesn’t have the nicest home, make it a nice walk to a local park and a little wine & cheese picnic. You can bring a tablecloth and candles for the park benches. I've heard of people doing this, and Mom was floored. Better than packing in to some crowded restaurant!

Women love gestures like this. It’s adorable and sweet and makes for the feelings they most crave.

Appreciation & love are the fastest way to every woman’s heart.

It’s what they really want.

That’s why sometimes the best gift is just a little letter or note...

Write a letter to your mom

Let her know how much you appreciate being raised by her.

Remind her of things she did that you love. Focus on the positive. Everyone did plenty of things right.

Then talk about what you love about her.

If you had a rocky relationship, let her know you forgive her for any parenting mistakes, and that you know she was jus doing the best she knew to do.

Remember, she won’t be around forever, and neither will you. Make the most of this life while you still have it. Focus on love and kindness, especially during holidays like this. It gives you another chance to make things better.

Write a letter to the mother of your children

Write a note her know what an excellent jobs he’s been doing, and how much joy you get from the children you created together.

If you’re still with her, let her know how much you love her. Get romantic.

Even if you’re separated, you can still show appreciation. Siring your children is no small task!

If you’re far apart...

First, send her that note. Notes travel well.

But secondly, if she drinks coffee or tea, consider a mug like this one:

This is not an affiliate link or anything. It’s just one of those ideas we saw that we really liked.

Long distances are a chore, and it’s nice to have a little reminder that the other person still exists and cares about you!

If you need any more ideas or just want to talk it out, I'm here for you! Simply tap chat and I'll appear.

Cheers and good luck today!


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