Introducing the new Androtics’ atomizer bottle — tough stuff from Switzerland and France

Good news!

As long time customers will be glad to know, all new and restocked spray-based formulas come in all the new, glass 10mL bottle.

Just like the oil bottles, the top — the applicator spray head (atomizer) — comes from France.

Some of the future glass shipments may come from Germany, but the current batch is made in Switzerland. Both are fine countries for glass production.

All of the worlds most famous, clearest and strongest glass comes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

From Leica, Carl Zeiss and Schneider camera lenses to Schott fine drinking glasses, all the way to these bottles, these countries do something with glass that nobody else seems to understand. They’re the true glass making experts of the world.

Even though Japan is also known for it’s glass quality, the Japanese still invite companies from this renown region of the world to come and make glass locally.

Even the very best American maker of glass, Corning, a true pioneer and innovator in every sense, has several factories in these famous glass making areas.

The end result: super solid, super dark & protective glass

These things are solid. They protect the insides with world’s most strongest visible light and UV C shield. They’re not known to leak. They seal tightly and limit unwanted air exchange (oxygen exposure which degrades your formula). They feel substantial in the hand.

We’re told you can even run the glass part over with a light vehicle. We haven’t tried that ourselves yet.

All in all, it’s an incredible piece of glass to protect your formula.

If the military used a glass spray bottle, we’re sure they’d use something like this. 

Larger size, 75% more uses per bottle

The standard for most formulas will now be the 10mL glass bottle, which provides 70 uses per bottle. More than a month of use for a hardcore daily user (and few people use the same formula that much every day)

This is 75% more than the previous bottle.

Some prices eventually be adjusted to reflect the new numbers of uses, however, we also known these bottles will basically pay for themselves in terms of safer shipments (which ultimately means less reshipments) and greater customer satisfaction.

To the extent they can keep our costs down, we’ll keep your costs down, too. We’ll be making small adjustments in the short term based on theoretical projections. It’ll take a few months to see the actual bottom line impacts. From there we’ll make more adjustments as necessary.

New spray head (atomizer)

Just like the oil bottles, the applicator head comes from France. 

All of the world’s finest colognes and perfumes come from France, so the French made spray head has a very fine mist suited to the job.

The smaller the droplet size, the better coverage you can get on your skin, which leads to better diffusion (movement of the perfume and pheromone molecules to the air around you).

It’s even BPA free.

Why change?

The contents of the former 5mL spray bottles, especially to international destinations, often didn’t completely make it intact. Having extra gaskets and other components added to those bottles didn’t help. Switching to new suppliers with better promises didn’t help.

We tested out more designs, and that didn’t help either.

We happily cover people for leaks when they write in or chat, but this grows tiresome for both sides.

In short, we were tired of American suppliers selling us their supposed high quality “American made” bottles, many of which felt like they came from China. 

The US still great at making many things, but atomizers and “parfum” bottles aren’t one of them.

The most famous American glass maker, Corning, was easily one of the most innovative in the world. However, they actually sold off most of their brands and manufacturing centers, even their very famous Corelle and Pyrex brands. They now focus more on specialized parts other companies need, such as Gorilla Glass for phones. 

So now, except for the extra “B Bottle for Science”, we’re switching to an almost entirely European supply chain.

It starts with Gentleman, Honesty, and the remake of Smooth

Gentleman and Honesty are the first to use the new bottle, and Smooth has been reformulated for the new design.

Eventually all product lines will be switched over.

Everything new, and everything that goes out of stock and gets remade, goes into the new bottle.

The formulas have to be tweaked slightly for the new bottle, as the spray volume is larger.

Chat with us to get older formulas made with the new bottle

In some cases, we can put old formula that hasn’t been bottled yet into the new bottle, but the dosing will be off by a bit. If you want that, though, just chat in while placing an order

International orders will automatically have some or most of their bottles converted to the new bottle to prevent shipping issues which worsen every mile bottles spend in the low air pressure environment of a plane’s cargo hold. Again, the dosing will be off by somewhere around 11% until the formulas are formulated for this exact bottle, but it’s better this way.

These bottles are valuable — you may want to repurpose them after you’re done

These bottles alone sell for $10 each on their very own, so may wish to keep them and rinse them with a few sprays of high proof, preferably flavorless alcohol (such as vodka or Everclear) to clean them out. 70% Isopropyl works well, too, although it’ll leave some of it’s own scent behind.

You may read more about the benefits of the deep ultraviolet glass here:

New Androtics spray bottle is leak proof and blocks the entire spectrum of visible light

There’s a lot of interesting history involving deep violet and black glass, going back to alchemical times and before. Some of the history, while interesting, starts to veer deeply into woo territory, which is not what we’re interested in.

We’re using it for it’s scientifically proven protective qualities, which stem from it’s ability to block the entire visible spectrum of light, as well as damaging UV C. Moreover, we’re after the quality of the glass itself, which no other region of the world produces.

There are other European made bottles and sprayers we’ve considered. Our formulator, Michael Harris, was hopeful — even insistent — we’d use a particularly compact one he sourced. (he always likes to carry a few mixes around with him)

However, these are the the very best of the ones we’ve been able to acquire in reasonable quantities. 

Few others ones we’ve tested and liked have US distributors, which creates some logistical challenges. One company even wanted us wanted us buy a full shipping container at a time. With some of the more compact designs, this can mean over a million bottles per shipment, which is far too many for a company of our size. Those types of shipments are usually reserved for dedicated bottle sellers and distributors. Even major fragrance makers rarely have a “run” that goes into the millions.

While not as compact as Michael wanted, I assure you, they’re still plenty wonderful. Even Michael himself does like them — he gives his approval and says “they’re compact enough for quality glass.”

Michael happens to be a master of understatement, almost PhD level, so this is a major compliment from him.

Even more importantly, the first few customers who’ve received this bottles really like them so far. In comparison to previous atomizers, there’s nothing but love. I hope you like them, too!

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