What Many Men Have Been Waiting For

We're known worldwide for our creation of social pheromones.

However, pheromones and "attraction" are still interlinked in popular culture. Not a day goes by when someone doesn't watch a movie, see a TV show, or read a story about pheromones and attraction. So despite our work and reputation, we get bombarded with requested for attractants.

While that's not normally our forte, some of the molecules and formulas we test do end up being very good for attraction related matters.

We think we have a new formula that will make a lot of men very happy...

Read on to learn more:

Women get attention. Often too much attention. Going about their day, they often just want to be left alone to enjoy themselves.

On the other hand, most men are basically invisible compared to a woman. They only wish they received the type of attention women do.

Frankly, when men hear of women's trouble with excessive and unwanted attention, many get almost jealous. Men really don't know what it's like to live in a woman's shoes, and many wouldn't mind trying it for a few days. Or perhaps a few weeks, or a few years.

One person's problems could be a man's paradise and vice versa.

The problem is that biologically this type of attention for men is normally not in the cards.

While modern life puts similar pressures on everyone, making us more equal than ever, our bodies and minds evolved in a different world. 

Even if the world has changed, our biology is still in times of old.

In fact, it has said humans haven't evolved at all since Charles Darwin wrote the theory of evolution. Cultures change much faster than biology.

Well, what if you the biological signals you emit could change?

What if these changing signals could give you at least have a taste of the attention women get?

What if you could be the one that is Hunted, for once, instead of the other way around?

Today we're proud to introduce a formula of the same as the concept "Hunted". The Breakthrough Role Reversal, "Eyes On You" Formula

While it's a cool concept, this was not developed like marketers "develop things". We didn't dream up the concept, then make the product.

No, we did it the old fashioned way. The same way the company has been doing i the company's founder has been doing it for over 20 years. The formula was put together first, and then we did our best to see what it actually does.

Just like vitamin C or aspirin, they only do what they do. It's up to us to figure out what that is.

You can't just put a marketing concept together and then, whala, you make a new vitamin C or aspirin molecule to fulfill the promises of that concepts. Nope. Maybe that will be possible in 800 years, but that's just not possible with our understanding of chemistry or biology today.

That's why we carefully observe everything test mixes do, and if the results are worthwhile, only then do we start figure out a name and marketing concept for the actual observed phenomenon.

As Thomas Edison correctly noted, invention is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Well, we've been at this over 15 years, and our founder was doing this for over 20 years. Testing many mixes per year.

Despite our extensive experience, often times when digging for new success, there's just more dirt and rock. But sometimes you hit gold.

Hunted is such gold.

During testing of the formula which became "Hunted" we saw:

-- Greater and more intense eye contact, even from 20 feet away

-- "Who's that?" reactions

-- Much greater interest from women, generally over the age of 25

-- More approach invitations and "indicators of interest". Staring, hair flipping, fidgeting

-- Little or no problems with dirty looks or uncomfortable feelings from the general population. This is the major difference between this and other "attractant class" formulas we've developed. Almost everything that attracts some, repels others. It's rare to discover formulas that keep the repelling to a minimum. This is one such formula, which makes it a golden discovery.

We can't wait to see how you like Hunted.

It is available in the regular 20 experience bottle, which is a very manageable 5ml. Easy to take anywhere.

There is also a larger, extra strength bottle. At 2 sprays, you get 35 stronger experiences. 

Unless you're older than 25-30, we really recommend you start with the standard experience.

Sometimes older people, especially those who do not exercise much, will be better off with extra strength.

This formula does contain a molecule called androstenone. While this is one of the gentler formulas containing androstenone, we still would not advise it's use in work or business situations. Despite the numerous other molecules in this formula which provide a "buffering effect", there is still the possibility that androstenone can send the wrong signals to those around you.

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy Hunted!






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