Alpha A314 Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men

Alpha A314 Trust & Respect Pheromone for Men

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“Why be a peasant, when you can be King?”

With initial formulas created almost two decades ago, Alpha A314 is the world's first and most famous trust & respect pheromone ever made. The formula that challenged people's conceptions of what pheromones are, and what they can do.

Get an instant status upgrade with A314. Jump the pecking order.

Make sure you have something important to say, because with A314 you will be listened to, and, with rare exceptions, people will do their best to actually comply.

If you've ever been frustrated at being disrespected, or feeling powerless in your life, A314 may end up being one of the best things you try.

The successful also use A314 to become more successful. When you hear about the richer getting richer, some do exactly that with Alpha A314, and it’s limited editions, such as Dark Water.

There's users from the top echelons of government, wonderfully charismatic people who mix with UK royalty, the top brass at major corporations, you name it. The Who's Who of A314 users is impressive, indeed.

There's always a higher rung of the ladder, a higher peg on the totem pole.

A314 projects an image of competence, helping you reach those higher levels.

This storefront may be new, but the original A314 was first introduced at a Silicon Valley event in 2002. It’s one of granddaddies of prosocial, business & lifestyle class pheromones. (the other one is Come Talk To Me, the world's very first all social pheromone)

A314 uses a complex blend of over 15 pheromones. It's formula has been revised over 30 times in response to customer feedback. Many call it a masterpiece.

They may not be showing now, but our worker bees are busy importing reviews, which allow our clients to speak for what these formulas do. There are nearly 2000 reviews to import for A314, which is enormous for a niche product like this.

Specs: A314 comes in a hardy, Swiss made 5ml bottle. Approximately 142 drops with the included euro dropper.

A typical use costs a mere $1.79 for a day of social domination, even less during occasional promotions for those on the mailing list. A314 easily pays for itself, and then some. Nothing else does so much for so little.