Accept - Psychological Priming Pheromone

Accept - Psychological Priming Pheromone

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There’s a class of pheromones that help the put a subject into a state of Acceptance.

We’ve previously called these “priming” pheromones, since priming is an accepted concept in the field of psychology.

Priming in psychology essentially means what it does when it comes to physical tasks such as painting, or priming a hydraulic pump.

You lay down primer when you paint, as it allows the color you paint to both pop out and better adhere.

You prime a pump with a few preliminary pushes to get it ready for a harder, faster, deeper pumping.

Priming is a prequisite. It comes before everything else. It gets you ready for what comes next.

Our priming phero mix can get people ready for 1 of 3 things.

They can:

  • Allow people to better Accept You,
  • Accept change, or
  • Better accept a phero formula you wear around them. (Which is what we’ve previously used them for)