Attraction Pack for Men - Doubletake Version — Launch Edition

Attraction Pack for Men - Doubletake Version — Launch Edition

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So I hear you want MORE out of your Attraction Pack. That's why you're here, right?

Or you want me to explain the difference between the standard and Doubletake Edition packs. 

Good. Either way, you've hit the right spot. 

You get -11- formulas in this one, vs. 9 in the standard.

6 bottles of which include "Doubletake" technology.

The Doubletake pack is everything good about the standard Attraction Pack, but with added awesome

We call it "Doubletake" because people will literally do a "double take" with you around. It's your chance at a second first impression. 

What do I mean by that? 

In some of the mixes you see here, we added a special pheromone package that helps the wearer and audience "reset" their perceptions. This simple tweak works in your advantage when you want to "start all over again" with someone. 

Life's do-over button. Works better with some people than others, but then again, so does chewing gum. Everybody's a little different biochemically.

This double-take effect is available in Classic Ammo, Hunter and Turn Up The Heat. Consider getting all standard benefits of both these 3 formulas, but on a blank canvas where women can more easily look past their preconceived notions.

Unlike the standard pack, you ALSO get Turn Up The Heat Doubletake Edition.

Turn Up The Heat wasn't designed by Michael for attraction, although it still does work that way (it was designed for later dates for escalation, or with a lover your already have) We're including it here, because it's one of the few Doubletake Editions we have available. We don't want you to miss out.

All together, you get 3 Doubletake based formulas! 6 formulas total. 3 Doubletake, 3 standard.

So, here's what you get in our 6-formula grab-n-go pack. It takes all your guessing out of the equation and gets you on the road. 

To sweeten the deal, we knocked down the bundle price and even added an exclusive pheromone experience to round it off. 

This is you: easily equipped for every situation.

In the Doubletake bundle, you'll receive:

  • Doubletake Classic Ammo for the days you want to up your everyday general, playful sexy self. Good for daytime and nightwear.  - Normally sold for $59
  • Hunter The first formula offered with the core of the Doubletake formula. Hunter is for when you want to experience a raw, punched up androstenone (caveman) effect. You can be the aggressive male you've always wanted to be with Hunter. It's also a good when you want to add some primal heat to your own mix. (Don't go overboard and learn the hard way what an overdose is!) - Normally sold for $49
  • Hunted for those moments you want to turn the tables for once and have women chase you (We don't know what the heck makes it work like this, but it's weird in a good way -- you'll have to experience it to understand!) - Normally sold for $49
  • Smooth. This formula is based on the far-and-away bestselling experimental formula, MX297 (and later, MX297). It's for those days when you want everyone to feel like you're the slickest mofo in the joint. Those with social anxiety report especially good results. Available for the first time here -- and exclusively in this pack. It's one of the highly prized formulas for both attraction and going out and winning socially. Make sure you click the Smooth link to learn more about what real users have said about Smooth's core formula, MX297. Not yet for sale, except in this pack. Soon to be introduced at $39, but we've sold this formula at up to $150 before

All the above are our most popular pheromone colognes.

You also get a couple of cool bonuses:

Turn Up the Heat Doubletake Edition. She's ready to go. You're ready to go. Now it's time to make this thing HOT. - Worth $59.00.


The infamous Molecule P75 in Stealth Unfragranced. While physicists call the Higgs Boson the so-called "god molecule", pheromone lovers call P75 the same thing. Who's right? Now you can find out for yourself! (click the name and read some of the feedback we've received -- it'll wow you!) It's also one of the molecules that makes Turn Up The Heat work as well as it does. Not yet for sale. Soon to be introduced for $39 to $49.

All in all, this pack would cost you bare minimum $294, but we're going to cut that to $169 for a limited introductory time to get you out of the gate with the most powerful arsenal around. We want to make sure as many people as possible get to try these new formulas (and leave reviews, pelase!)

Each mix comes in a 5mL stick. We recommend 1 or 2 sprays per use, which gives you a 20 to 40 day supply per stick depending on how much you use per outing.

Each mix comes in a 5mL stick. We recommend 1 or 2 sprays per use, which gives you a 20 to 40 day supply per stick depending on how much you use per outing.

What's even better: each of the colognes comes with a few second free bottle.

I know I've said this before, but online chats indicate some people miss this, so I'll repeat...

For a limited time, you'll find doubles of Ammo, Hunted, Hunter, and Smooth. (but only one bottle of experimental molecule P75)

Yes, that's sort of an unbelievable deal, but yes, we're actually doing this!

Almost 2/3rds a Year of Fun for a lower price than anything else that gets female attention

At 2 sprays, the entire pack gives you a whopping/365

220 days of attraction experiences -- a full half year of fun!

That's wayyyy less per day than a nice watch, a Land Rover, a sports jacket, or the many other things women love. Nothing else compares. Female attention is expensive. We offer quality attention cheaper than anybody else by far.

Heck, it's less per outing than a Starbucks coffee -- yet it makes life much more fun.

With the Attraction Pack, you can have the best summer ever!

(and no, we won't be doubling the bottles you get forever!)

Experimentation makes the world go around!

Without experimentation, we wouldn't have Tesla cars, or airplanes that can fly reliably around the world. Experimentation is the clock that makes the world move forward.

Since experimentation is in Androtics' DNA, there's a slight formula difference between the two bottles of each formula you receive.

The core formula hasn't changed between the two, but the second one adds a twist. Those shifts can change the impact in a major way.

Try both and tell us which works best for you.

This gives you double for your money, and keeps us improving our tech with each iteration -- so you get more in the short term and the long term.

You get to try two versions of sexy, and we get the hard data we need to make even cooler stuff for you. It's a win win for both of us. A very good deal. 

The Scent

All formulas are set with the cool Blue Summer fragrance. The in-built cologne is designed to punch up the blend while masking the musky odors that inevitably come with the pheromonal package.

While tastes do vary, many women we've surveyed -- both coupled and single -- report that the cologne is "sexy" or even "irresistible". Many like it even when used on it's own. Women are the audience who counts, aren't they? 

Tips and Truths

Our pheromone experiences enhance what's already there. Mind that if there's nothing there, there's nothing to enhance. It might even be a net negative. You might come across as incongruent -- as though you were wearing scrubby jeans and flip flops to an upscale nightclub. "No admission, sir"

Pheromones are not a panacea or cover up for totally bad game.

If you are kind of crap at talking to people, connecting, or lack confidence in yourself, you're going to climb an uphill battle many pheromone experiences. You want to go with the flow, young grasshoppa, not fight an upstream battle.

If you have no game at all, you may want to start by visiting Youtube channels about boosting your skills and your inner confidence before you try any pheromone experience, not just these. 

If you want some help get started, we're glad to help out via chat. You can find the blue chat icon on the lower right hand corner of the site.

The exceptions seem to the rules seem be Warm, Smooth and Shine, all of which users with social anxiety have reported good results with. They can be good companions if you're just starting on your social journey.

11 Giant Leaps... for you

Believe me, once you're on an upswing,  and start accumulating real life social skills, then an Androtics pheromone cologne will add rocket fuel to your rise. Androtics social technology will enhance your game, your personal power, and your sexiness.

People are primordial beings and will use several unconscious clues -- especially your scent -- to give silent judgments over you that will determine the fate of your life. You want them to use that to your advantage and perceive you as the man you want to be, and treat you accordingly. You'll be able to easily use pheromones as leverage to better achieve your goals in life.

This pack is one giant leap... no, scratch that... 11 Giant Leaps in the right direction to finding your ultimate formula -- or formulas -- for true success in your social and love lives.

Colognes From The Future

Why go with an average department store cologne? You can have a cologne -- or four -- with added benefits that speak to the human subconscious... for just about the same price. 

The choice is yours, my dude. 

I know you'll make a smart one!