Bright — v1.0 Experimental Variant B

Bright — v1.0 Experimental Variant B

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Bright is a little something wonderful to help part the seas of darkness that have engulfed so many people, in so many places.

People tend to love upbeat people who can bring good vibes, and at a time like this — when you do this, you’re more precious than gold.

Shine and Molecule A are well known for those good vibes, but they’re equally well known for making people mindlessly walk into you, as well. So we’ve recommended neither for 2020, but people still miss the positives.

Bright is centered around the well loved P96 molecule, so it takes a different approach entirely. (Smooth is also a mood brightener for many, based on the equally impressive P91)

In plain language, 2020 has been a real bummer in so many ways. So with Bright we offer a beacon of light in these chaotic times. Even better, you can be that beacon for others, taking all the credit.


  • Size: 5 mL Swiss black glass

  • Scent: Neroli

  • Gender: for both men and women

  • V3 Particle Reduction Process for better diffusion