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Calm. A little mood and “nerve” support, just in time for the upcoming holidays.

Here’s a story from Dan, the man that runs

More than decade ago, I was put into contact Androtics’ formulator, MIchael Harris, asking if he had anything that would soothe my oldest son.

He’s autistic, you see. His neurology is far more active than most. Sometimes even a common noise can be overwhelming to him. He’ll describe sounds that you wouldn’t think would be trouble as akin to the grinding noise train’s sometimes make.

That’s not all. This sort of conversion of common sounds into irritating sounds happens to a number of his sensory “inputs”, including touch.

I imagine this is quite like what we all feel when we’re at our sickest and grumpiest... except for him, it doesn’t go away.

Now Michael warned me that these formulas aren’t for medical purposes, and that’s as true today as it was then. These do not cure or treat any disease. But just like classical music and other non-medical modalities helped to calm my son, the mix he made for him also helped to calm my boy.

It helped to calm me, too.

Still does. It’s a brilliant little mix.

Now I’d like to offer to you all... It’s simply named “Calm”

I hope you and yours enjoy it!

How to use

Spray to the normal areas you’d spray any cologne or perfume.

Our formulator really loves the back of his hands, especially with cold weather upcoming. Besides your face, it’s one of the largest warm areas of skin that’s usually exposed in cold months (and never spray your face, of course!). 

He recommends that you’re extra careful when washing your hands, of course. Try to clean only the front.

How much to use

What’s funny is that as little as one spray warn near or applied to my boy calms hI’m down and helps to soothe him, whereas it feels more like I need 2 or 3.

Your mileage will vary with your sensitivity. We’re all a bit different when it comes to these things.


Calm is lightly fragranced with an orange scent.

It’s not cologne or perfume strength. It leaves about as much scent as a strong shampoo or conditioner.

The diffusion properties have been amplified with v1 of our hypoallergenic “Stealth” package.

Unfortunately, the hybrid combination is not itself hypoallergenic.

If you have problems with fragrances, you may have problems with this, too.

However, our formulator himself has mild chemical sensitives and allergies, and he’s generally very health and eco conscious in general. While the fragrances we use are not hypoallergenic (as no fragrances are), he is unusually careful with ingredient selection. He constantly switches monitors data from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and other sources to make sure we’re using the healthiest version of every ingredient possible.

We’ve switched to fragrance-first production as we enter the colder months as these formulas often require more fragrances in fall & winter to deliver good performance.

It’s warmth, both of the body and environment, that helps gives give scents, as well as these formulas, the best performance.

You’ll see a return of more hypoallergenic Stealth (for women, it’s called “Nude”) based formulas for the warmer spring & summer seasons.

We also may make some earlier for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, where seasons are opposite to those of us up north. (Yes, Aussies and New Zealanders, we know what you need!)


Calm comes in a 10mL Swiss made bottle, with a BPA free plastic atomizer made in France. (preview copies may have come in our former 5mL plastic bottle, which is now relegated to test formulas)

Each spray is 140 microliters, giving you 71 uses per bottle. (technically 71.428)

This bottle is new to our production line, and the BPA free spray stem presents some technical challenges. BPA allows plastic to be extremely flexible, whereas this BPA free stem (the little straw that reaches from the spray head into the fluid) is extremely rigid.

Just so you know, the stems used in most fragrances you’ve ever used definitely use plastic softeners such as BPA. Great for product performance, but as you’ve probably heard from the news, BPA is terrible for your health. That’s why we’ve opted for the more “eco” solution.

Yet as with anything “eco”, you really have to think through and tinker the make healthier choices work as well as less healthy ones.

For the time being, we’re currently overfilling each bottle to with an extra .7ml (5 extra sprays worth), the maximum we could fit, to ensure you get all of your sprays. If you’re lucky, you may get 76 sprays.

Once the spray head will spray no more, we currently recommend you take off the spray top and use the remaining liquid inside by dabbing. A little bit old fashioned, but this will ensure you get to use all of your product.