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Today’s go go go world means we’re always “on”. Life itself gets overheated.

People often known when to relax, although many have trouble changing gears and actually doing it.

You hear people say things like this all the time...

“It’s the Summer”

“It’s the Weekend”

”It’s Friday”

”It’s night”

“Work is over”

“It’s too hot to do anything”

There’s a thousand reasons to kick back, and give things a rest. Now you can cool down and unwind with Cool.

Leave the heat behind. Get some restorative down time, either with your buddies, your girl, your family, or just by yourself.


Cool is lightly fragranced, and comes in a 5ml spray bottle delivering 40 doses. Typical application is 2 sprays, meaning there’s 20 relaxing experiences per bottles.

Note: Cool is currently in beta, and is offered at a lower price. While it’s still in beta, we’ll often include these in orders of a certain size. Make sure you look at the notification bar at the top of the website to see when and how a promotion includes Cool. Random orders will include 2 bottles you can test against each other.