Happy - Mood Support

Happy - Mood Support

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Pheromones and Scientifically Studied Essential Oils combine to create an effect just for you: Happy, the mood support pheromone just for you


What is Moodfluence?

Unlike traditional pheros, Moodfluence is intended to influence your own mood and emotions. These formulas consist of pheromones and essential oils intended to just affect you. They are 100% natural, and organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

Think of them like aromatherapy formulas brought to the 21st century.

While this idea has been in the works for some time (and previous iterations of Androtics had a number of essential oil containing formulas on the market from 2002 to 2013), "self effect" pheromones ended up being requested time and time again on surveys sent to customers during the COVID19 pandemic.

During this grim moment in history, people wanted something that would work to support their mood at home.Many, at this time, turned to CBD for mood support, but have been finding it difficult to get or simply too costly for the amounts needed.For CBD to be effective, most people need at least 400mg a day. That's at least $30 of CBD (from the cheapest online sources) every single day -- that's a lot! At those rates, 31 days of CBD could be $930.In comparison, 1 to 2 month worth of Moodfluence costs what 1 to 2 days of CBD costs.These are also not designed to be inebriating, as high dose CBD often is. If you're working at home, you should still be able to get tha twork done with Moodfluence... just in a more pleasant manner.

Are these economical?

Compared to quite a few alternatives, yes.

Some of the formulas are also offered as thrifty alternative to trendy CBD products. Mood support with CBD requires that you use at least 400mg of CBD, which costs as little as $30 online, and often many times more in person. That's a minimum of $210 for a week of mood support, or $930 a month.

In comparison, 1 to 2 month worth of Moodfluence costs what 1 to 2 days of CBD costs.

These are also not designed to be inebriating, as high dose CBD often is.

How do these compare to other aromatherpay formulas?

First, the additional of human scents (human pheromones) takes these to the next level.

These are much more sophisticated than essential oils alone. Think of them like aromatherapy formulas brought to the 21st century.

Second, we use scientific studies to inform the design of our formulas, not just our marketing.

Essential oils, especially, tend to be thoroughly studied at a university level. Most aromatherapy formulas don't harness the wealth of data these studies offer.

Ironicaly, in most essential oil companies, the marketing teams tend to be the ones that dig up sceintific studies to feature. Many aromatherapists themselves tend to hae an anti-science standpoint and will even actively say they are against "scientism", or the enroachment of science into all areas of life.

While we don't want to overlook the value of intuition and hard work, we feel the almost anti-science stance of quite a few aromatherapists leaves out an extremely important source of data. Many scientists are doing exactly what the aromatherapists are, but in a more thorough, much better documented manner.

The work of typical scientists is arduous and slow. They often don't tend to produce breakthroughs at a breakneck speed, but what they do produce tends to be solid and trustable.

Our formulator says he doesn't understand the "fights" that occur between methods of working at all, and says this says more about how people like to pick fights over nothing at all.

Meanwhile, he happily uses a mix of Thomas Edison style hard work and Nikola Tesla style intuition all day long. He thinks these methods all work together nicely, and using a mix "gives your mind something to do" when it tires of one way of working. We agree. That actually makes a lot of sense!

Third, some companies, such as Young Living and DoTerra, sell less sophisticated (and usually less effective) formulas for more, often consisting of non-organic essential oils.

Those companies are so large, they almost have a monopoly on essential oil supplies, and can drive up costs, which may in some way be good for their network marketing operations.

Some of the wholesale suppliers of oils Androtics' used to use simply don't exist anymore, as they now exclusively supply DoTerra and Young Living. It's incredible how they've been able to "take over" this aspect of the plant kingdom!

On the other hand, we're mostly concerned with offering safe and healthy products that tangibly improve people's lives, at a price that makes sense even for daily use.

There's many ways of doing business. It's all on what a company focuses on and prioritizes.

Any side effects?

They should be minimal, and preferably non-existent.

Unlike CBD and alcohol, Moodfluence formulas are not designed to be inebriating.

That said, we cannot predict how every singles persons body chemistry will interact with Moodfluence. For this reason, do not drive, ooperate heavy machinery, or otherwise do anything that could be considered dangerous for you or others until you are used to Moodfluence.

Only once you know these formulas work appropriately for you should you engage in those behaviors.

If Moodfluence doesn't work for you, please return for an exchange (try something else) or refund.

Do these affect other people?

Moodfluence formulas, are made to mostly affect you.

The use of essential oils, instead of fragrance chemicals, limits the radius of affect. Just like aromatherapy formulas, Moodfluence is mostly for your personal enjoyment.

This is because most people can only smell essential oils under 1m away (under 3 feet), which is definitely within the range of your "personal space".

That said, your mood certainly affects others. If you're in a better mood, you'll likely put others in a better mood, too.

Those entering or "violating" your personal space might also be more directly affected, as well.