Hunted Pheromone Cologne For Men

Hunted Pheromone Cologne For Men

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The Hunter Becomes the Hunted. 

If you’ve been wanting a good androstenone (the raw, animalistic passion pheromone) based attractant with minimal downsides, this is what you’ve been hoping and waiting for.

Hunted Pheromone Cologne for Men.

Introduced in 2018, and almost two decades in the making, I can proudly say that this is the state of the art in attraction tech.

Like “Smooth”, Hunted is next-gen tech for the “Tinder” generation, where women are more assertive about what they want, and “hooking up” is easier than ever.

Now with 9 pheromones (and even more in some of the experimental “B” variations), Hunted works even when you don’t.

Of course, though culture has changed, men and women are still genetically the same as they ever were. This means that even with Hunted, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Reality hasn’t changed (unless we start to hack that, too!)

Hunted is now at Version 1.4, introduced July 15th, 2020.

Come on, admit it... Are you ever jealous when women talk about all of the looks, stares and other attention they get?

Of course you are. We all are.

While too much becomes uncomfortable, as men we’re usually not privy to this. We hear women complain about strong attention, and think privately to ourselves “I wish that could be me.” We’ve all wished we could “walk in their shoes” from time to time.

Well, while we don’t have the physical beauty or energy of women, now you can get a taste of the attention normally reserved for them.

Over 18 years of Androtics technology has gone into this one. 

Hunted still uses some androstenone, which is the male pheromone that famously smells like a locker room. However, it’s hidden under our amazing “Blue Summer” scent and heavily buffered with some very effective social technology.

Hunted comes in our standard 10ml Swiss made bottle, which gives you 35 amazing life experiences at the recommended 2 sprays per experience.

At full price, that’s just $1.40 USD per experience. Or it could be half that if you find this formula to be too strong for your biotype. Of course, the cost lowers even more during promotions.

That’s nothing in this day and age. Less than lattes and fancy coffee drinks, and a heck of a lot more fun. Far less than even one drink at most bars and nightclubs.

Pheromones are now more advanced than ever, but still cheaper than almost any other experience. A visit to an amusement park would cost at least 30x to 70x more in most cities, and frankly, for male tastes wearing Hunted is a lot more fun in so many ways. 

Caveats and things to keep in mind: 

Hunted provides an aura of attractiveness that can compel some women to hunt you, but not all. It is not mind control. Hunted is still in the realm of influence, so while in the modern era, female assertion and even aggression is more acceptable than ever, the receiver’s personality and drive still has a lot to do with it.

Attraction is very complex, since it involves mating and very possible long term consequences.

Sometimes we end up marrying or having a child with people who are attracted to us, so Mother Nature has intentionally made attraction & dating more complex than any other social interaction.

That’s why attraction is not 100% controllable by man made human scents yet, and it would likely be a bad idea to make it that way. There are individual components that would likely be unwise to completely bypass (such as MHC based histocompatibility, which we can also smell — keep in mind that smell is our “chemical sense”).

Generally speaking, this and every other androstenone based formula will tend to work best with attractive women over the age of 25. Androstenone emits a strong mating signal. It’ll work with younger women, sure, but much closer to ovulation — when women of all ages are the most physically passionate. When they’re most “in the mood” for something physical. (Women younger than 25 usually prioritize carefree fun over physical intimacy)

That’s an important point. Exactly who it attracts depends on the woman’s own biochemistry that day, which is not in your control and certainly not in ours. There will be an element of luck involved, but overall you’re going to find you’re far “luckier” with women in general.

Unlike most androstenone containing attraction mixes, Hunted also contains status increasing pheromones, which will tend to work in your favor even when women “aren’t in the mood” physically. These specific components usually work regardless of where a women is in her hormonal cycle, and are part of what makes you a more compelling target.

The complexity of Hunted sometimes means you catch the attention her head or even her heart, but her body just isn’t ready to follow. That’s ok. That’s nature doing it’s job. You can move onto spending time with someone who’s more ready, or use whatever attention you generate to turn things into something much more later on.

You may not be able to control who this attracts at specific times, but we know you’ll find it incredibly fun. You can take the attraction it gives you, and do with it as you may. You may be just find it fine to be on the receiving end of attention for once, or you might want to take it to the next level. It’s up to you.

If you’re trying to attract or increase the interest of a specific woman:

To increase the odds of it working with a specific women, definitely try using it away from menstruation time. This, and other androstenone-based formulas, tend to create a repellent effect at menstruation time.

Hunted is our most complex, most “buffered” androstenone based formula. Still, negative reactions are possible during certain times in a woman’s hormonal cycle.

If you’re familiar with the chemistry behind pheromones, Hunted is basically:

Androstenone + buffers to take the edge of androstenone + social molecules + status increasing molecules

A great mix, to be sure, but androstenone is still there with all of it’s negatives and positives.

Give it at least a week after menstruation begins. The closer you can get to ovulation, the better. Ovulation & androstenone are almost magic.

If you’re a little sheepish or really “don’t want to mess things up”, one formula that works more consistently with a wider variety of women, during a wider variety of times, is our “Smooth” formula.

You don’t always get the outright sensual response you may with Hunted or other androstenone based formulas, but Smooth is incredible in it’s own right. Smooth is androstenone free and provides a nice mood boost for women, and sometimes even the wearer, which can do wonders. As they say, make someone feel good, and they’ll give you the world. (Well... usually!)

Smooth is also better with women under 25, so it errs more on the side of fun and good feelings.

Our famous formula “Shine” is also killer at creating a fun vibe younger women love, however Shine tends to create a physical crowding effect when used in public. This physical crowding effect can be troublesome during the year of COVID19, which is why you don’t see us promoting it this year.

For younger users and younger women in the year 2020, we really recommend Smooth and Super Smooth most of all, and to step things up a level, Hunted when used mindfully.

If the women you’re trying to attract is high end or a “keeper”, as long term girlfriend or even for marriage, then we recommend trying A314 and Dark Water. If you’re 25 or under yourself, Gentleman is also a great option.

These formulas increases status even more and emit more of a “provider vibe”. This can be helpful for women in the phase of life where they desire serious relationships that are “going somewhere”.

If you’re open to attracting a number of women:

This tends to be far easier with Hunted.

You go out with Hunted to social spaces, and keep yourself open to whomever it attracts and whatever that may do for you.

You may not always get 100% of what you want, but you get more of that “choose your adventure” feel in life, which is a heck of a lot of fun, too.

Using Hunted on one particular woman you have in mind, or with Tinder style dates:

For more intentional use, the key tends to be biological timing.

When you know someone well, you can get a sense of their cycle. The more scientist like you are about recording and tracking it, the more “luck” you’ll have with Hunted and any androstenone containing formula.

Women you find on Tinder, or in certain social spots, such as bars and other mating-compatible places, tend to be “biologically ready” for physical intimacy. That’s why they’re on or at these venues at that particular time. They know their own urges, and tend show up exactly when the time is right.

You’ll notice Hunted and all of our androstenone based attraction formulas working best on these individuals... at this particular time.


You can also combine formulas for interesting new effects... but please, try formulas separately before you combine them.

When it comes to formulas that contain androstenone, keep usage low at first. Start slow and low. Often more is not better.

You can easily use too much and “ghost” when what you’re wearing too far exceeds what people’s brains think is possible.

It’s like when you’re in the hot desert, experiencing infernal levels of dry heat, yet somehow your brain fails at judgement and makes you think it’s somehow comfy.

Same thing when it’s too cold. People have been known to strip their clothes off when they’re freezing to death. Sad, but true!

This is because our brains have trouble with extremes. Male brains, female brains, we all this problem.

This is why you want to be conservative with your applications. At least at first. With time, you’ll become more expert at usage, and will understand when you can push things.

Final words

Understanding a little bit about how pheromones work with natural human biology will go far in allowing you to use them for the very best results.

Whether you just want to feel vital again, or “sow your wild oats”, as they say, Hunted will help give you more of what you really want — and have a lot more fun along the way.

While Hunted is likely the easiest to use androstenone containing formula on the market today, if doesn’t match your personality or individual style, there’s plenty of other formulas to try, as well.

Just read more above or hit us up in chat, and we’ll happily give you the guidance you seek.

If you do try it and it’s not a good fit, that’s ok, too. It’s just like with clothing... sometimes what you see online doesn’t work out so well in real life.

We’ve got your covered — we’ll happily exchange it until you find something that does work well for you. We make this easy to do, too. These aren’t just word. We sincerely want to get you into something you love.

Our formulator has been experimenting with pheromone mixes for over 20 years, all with the intention of figuring out what these molecules ACTUALLY DO and how they can best improve real people’s lives in everyday, real life scenarios. He loves it when something he makes tangibly improves another person’s life.

That’s why there’s almost always something in our lineup, or even in our experimental line, that’s a good match for everyone. Something you find is hard to live without. We’re happy to help that special formula for you!