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Shower Her With Love

In this life, Love is required to grow anything good.

When something is truly good, you can be sure that Love was the “secret ingredient”.

Now introducing Love...

Or should we say Love in Beta, as love means so many things to many people.

While our formulator, Michael Harris, has developed many love-oriented mixes over the years (he loves to focus on eliciting positive emotions), one of the most difficult parts has been reaching an agreement on just what love itself is and what it feels like.

You wouldn’t think Love would be so controversial, but in a way it is. There’s at least 6 differently structured formulas that his personal test group have liked for this effect.

6! That’s about 4 too many for us to release at any one time as the typical user wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

For Love 1.0, we offer you two versions that we think the cover many of the bases.

And for the first version, yes, you do get both! So you don’t even need to decide. Try both out, and see how they work for you and those you care about.

I’ll get into the nitty gritty technical details in a minute, but first, here’s what these formulas do...

For version A, it works something like this for many:

Ever get those butterflies in the stomach when you’re around someone you really really love?

Or do you have the memory of this feeling from the early days?

Absolutely glorious sensations.

That’s what the A formula of Love sets out to create. Those lovely, swimmy, light, circulating feelings mostly in the solar plexus region. 

It’s like you literally feel lighter around that special someone, and maybe even a few tingles. (If you’re the type that can feel tingles, that is)

That’s what version 1.0 A accomplished for many in Michael’s closest test group.

Version 1.0 B (not variation B as normally is), on the other hand...

While light feelings and flutters are “it” for some, for some women (and men alike) what love really is a feeling of warmth and safety... of being cuddled under the blankets with the one you love, and outside those blankets, you know you are safe together.

You are true partners that can forge safely and warmly ahead in this sometimes dangerous and cold world.

This is what version B is formulated for, and it works even better when combined with a formula that provides a strong male presence, such as A314, Dark Water or Gentleman.

Both of these are very valid and very nourishing forms of Love. As even the writer of this text, I can’t say I dislike either.

I like the feeling of both at different times, and feel they are both valid aspects of a loving relationship. Almost like different shards of the same stained glass mural.

Compatible formulas and extending your “Love palette” 

The most compatible formulas here will be ones that provide a Protective male presence. These are A314, A314’s more sophisticated brother Dark Water, and often for the younger crowd (or young at heart), Gentleman.

Besides mixing formulas together, there’s something else you should consider, too...

In Michael’s test group, the formula in Smooth (relabeled, of course) has been selected as a formula that elicits loving type feelings. So has Shine, especially the spray version that hits people harder and faster than the oil.

So if you want a fuller “love” palette, try something like this:

* A314, Dark Water or Gentleman with Love 1.0 A or Love 1.0B. Or even try them alone. Women generally love being around men wearing these formulas.

* Smooth. Sure, it may sound like you’re a pimp in Miami, or you’ve hit the Tinder button a little too hard, but that was just a bit of fun. Users have also described it as girlfriend catnip. This can be perfect for a loving effect. We do not have a complete catalog of what this mixes well yet, but it certainly works well enough alone.

* Shine. The spray version hits people fast and makes those who respond often feel elated or sort of “high and mighty” when around you. For some women, this also feels very loving. This is especially true for younger and more adventurous women, where love more often means getting excited about life, and going out and doing fun things together. 


Now for a little technical nitty gritty...

Both of the mixes come in the new, ultra protective black glass bottles from Switzerland. Both are calibrated for the equally new French made spray top.

If you’ve ever ordered a set from us before that includes 2 bottles, you probably know the drill by now. If you don’t, let’s get you up to speed!

The A version is in a 10mL bottle that delivers approximately 70 sprays. While 1 spray will be enough for some users, most people use 2 sprays per outing.

This means that for the typical use, if you used it every single day without fail, you’d get a little overs a month worth. On the other hand, if you used it just 2 days a week, as many do, the bottle can last a full 8 to 9 months.

The pleasant surprise is that in the new Swiss bottle, it’s almost as fresh at month 8 as it is the first day. The protective quality of these ultra dark bottles is really quite something.

That delivers some tremendous life-enhancing value.

The B variation, or version in this case, comes in a 5mL bottle that delivers approximately 35 sprays. Again, most users will feel comfortable around 2 sprays per use.

With the B variation, this gives the daily user a little over a half month of use, and the “weekend warrior” type user 4 to 5 months of use. Also a very good value, depending on how you use it (your use case).

The guarantee

To help make sure you’re using things in a way that allows them to actually work, first off, we have full chat and email support available for you.

Just hit us up, and we’ll make sure you’re using these things in an optimum way for your area and use cases.

Yet even when you use things correctly, sometimes they don’t hit the spot. Even long term users of these formulas even run into these issues from time to time.

Think of it this way: we’re basically offering feelings, emotion, connection... and these things work a little different on anybody.

It’s like clothing. Even when you know how to wear it, some things work great on you and your partners, and some don’t. No big deal.

That’s why we have a full 2-tiered guarantee. If you don’t like something, you have the normal 30 day money back guarantee almost all places offer.

Even better, for a full 120 days (4 months), you can exchange it for something you may like better. You can even exchange things a few times in order to find what fits you and your life best.

The most useful part? Our chat assistants are here to help you every step of the way.

You’re here to solve a problem in your life, or to enhance sometimes you already have. We are here to help you succeed. Sometimes it’s the usage or formula selection advice that really makes all the difference.