Pheromone P75

Pheromone P75

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You want cutting edge? We got cutting edge.

It starts right here with P75.

P75 is one of the most talked about experimental pheromones out there.

It had been thoroughly tested over the course of 11 years, among a broad userbase spanning ages 18 - 68, in several countries around the world.

To say it's a success is to underestimate its power.

Here's a summary of what you can expect at this dosage:

  • Sexy
  • Social
  • Focused
  • Calm
  • Masculine
  • Confident
  • Respect
  • Attention grabber

Many users said it boosted their confidence, giving a rush of happy feelings. Some users felt a calm focus and sensory enhancement.

For those who are sensitive to androstenone, the intense masculine pheromone, P75 is reportedly a drop-in replacement without the off putting side effects.

This bottle comes "unfraganced" in Stealth. You can wear it underneath your favorite cologne, or simply take it out as-is. Either way works great. The Stealth technology is designed to be an "under the radar" way to lift the pheromone off the skin, breathing life into your interactions.

If I haven't convinced you, check out these testimonials from previous users of P75:

"She kept lifting up her skirt. And took my banana."

Environment: work
Self Effects: I feel laid back and sleepy
Range: 6 feet maximum range
Angela* and I were talking about addicting things. I do not know how the conversation turned but she started talking about sex with me. After a few seconds she told me not to talk about sex around her because she does not have a man, plus she said it turns her on. The girls at the bank would not stop smiling at me and they kept flirting with me more than usual.
Kristen kept lifting up her shirt when she was walking and showing me her ass. I was also eating a banana in front of her and she took half of it with out saying anything to me about it. I think she assumed it was her's to begin with.

"My wife was turned on and kept sniffing my application point"

"Well I can say that P75 is an interesting molecule. I noticed as soon as I sprayed it on me it almost felt as I had this heaviness on me. I felt darker not like a depressed dark like a grounded dark I was calm like and centered like I was wearing A314. I also note that I felt turned on my wife and i had some of the best sex we ever had tonight. I would not usually contribute this to the P75, but she had her head in my neck and kept sniffing my application point."

"It pulls people into your reality"

"A half spray of p75 at about 1.25mcg or so did the trick last night. Wanted to just chill with friends, have fun, and whatever happens, happens. At 19, it is still difficult to get alcohol. So our 32 year old friend sometimes resents us over the weekends always asking him to buy alcohol…
… Whenever I went down to eat, I had amazing bonding effects. P75 may have some "pull people into your reality" type effects because I felt like I really drew people into what I was talking about, etc. Pretty neat. Got a cute vietnamese girl pretty interested, kinda cool. Bangin little body too. Have had more friends randomly coming by the room than normal, and overall friend bonding.”

"I can get anything done I need to."

"P75. Still one of my favorite putatives. I have hung out with girls with this putative and acted alpha and very horny, then observed, after I made a move, they were very very horny. Confidence builder, I can get anything done that I need to and nothing is overwhelming. I like to use this before school, gym, anything. Combining with P80 I notice more attention, indicators of interest, and I in general smile a lot more. I'd say combining P80 and p75 is an androstenone replacement, and is a very outgoing inspiring putative…”


"Your status is raised and you will not give a f*ck"

“I also highly recommend p75 at 2.5 mcg. This heightens your adrenaline. Your status is raised immensely, your become very masculine and will not give a fuck, you might find yourself impatient at times. It gives a sense of royalty and power, think Vegeta from DragonballZ or Scar from Lion King, a prince who is also a bit of a scoundrel. Most of all, A PLAYER. Get this molecule! People will assume you get sex on the reg, and yet it is not needy.”

"Self effects are great. Makes women forward and upbeat."

“With 30mcg, the strongest attraction getter out there. [Deer in the headlights looks] all over the way. Looks with big eyes, form both genders. For guys it's deterrent, is has a extreme aggressive physical energy. Especially with the right buffers (P96 for example), women love it. Superb attraction, extreme space reducing and kino. This stuff makes women much more forward and upbeat. With P97 and guys are also in play, no deterrent effects. Self-effects are great, makes you much more cooler + better self-confidence. Self-effects also with low dose, 2,5mcg. P79 seems to amplify the P75 effects. ”

"My perception is increased. I get hits like crazy."

From what I remember P75 is almost like a signature. It's a bit primal or something of that nature. I don't think the person wearing it matters at all. It seems to tug on some deeper understanding that people automatically respond to. It has a character all of it's own. The time delay could be some form of break down of the  putative or some exposure requirement of the target, but having worn it excessively and then not wearing it in a year I no longer believe that.
This is very subjective, however it appears that P75 has far greater self effects (affects?) than it's ability to affect the target. The time delay may be the adjustment of the wearer to the putative . If memory serves me correct it took less and less time of wearing p75 to get it to "kick in". Let me take it one step further. I currently get p75 effects without wearing the putative . Whenever I walk into a room of strangers, enter a job interview, go to the mall, etc., whatever I have learned from wearing p75 automagically kicks in. My voice drops 2 octaves. I stand straighter. My perception and observation is increased, and I get hits like crazy. I'm assuming this is from a mixture of my new body language, confidence, and blend of my own pheromones.”

"Dreamy looks. This stuff virtually takes over your behavior."

“I think the respect factor for P75 comes from the the casual aggressiveness triggered in the behaviour of the wearer. The stuff virtually takes over your behavior, the deep growl in the voice and the lack of self doubt in action and words, would naturally make others step back a little :P
I personally find it an excellent substitute for androtenone. 
I have a friend who is almost allergic to androstenone.. may be it arouses her too much beyond her comfort level that I've observed her to be snappish whenever I wear heavy -none around her. However whenever I substitute androstenone with P75, I get dreamy looks and sly smiles and no negative reactions. There is another woman barely legal :P
So as long as I have P75, I think I can even do without androstenone. My normal dosage of P75 is 2.5 to 5 Mcgs”

"Positive reactions from females and respect from other men."

P75 is definitely an overlooked gem. It has as much or more to offer than androstenone. I definitely like 2.0mcg of P75. Four or five mcg starts to weird people out in subtle but definite ways. In low doses it is both sexy and social. It has many of the characteristics of androstenone , but I experience it as both smoother and sexier. It consistently and definitely makes me feel quite relaxed and confident. In one and two mcg doses, it gets positive reactions from females and respect from other men.

"God-like self effects. I knew at some fundamental level no harm would come to me."

These notes reflect approximately 2.5 weeks of observations on the effects of p75worn at 2.5mcgs and 5.0mcgs.
My primary interest in this putative was to experience the self effects that others have noted whilst wearing p75. I've been using pheromones on and off for approximately 6 years and no product has any positive effect on myself anymore for more than a few wearings. I do get lethargy, apathy and melancholy from androstadienone, and I've noticed frequent urination from high androstenone worn over a length of time, but these are hardly desirable.
The first time I wore p75 I got the god-like self affects that others have noticed. It was not so much the pleasant and happy self confidence that Shine or Molecule A gives, nor the unshakeable belief in oneself and one's abilities engendered by A314, nor the aggressive dominance of none, but more like the dispassionate aloofness that a god might feel on encountering an lower species of life form like a puny mortal. I felt like my aura had expanded ten feet and anything that entered this space was there because I, in my infinite mercy, allowed it to be there.
Which is rather nice, especially if one has any degree of social anxiety. Whereas I might, in the past, have tensed up if someone invaded my personal space, or moved out of the way if someone walked towards me, I knew that at some fundamental level that no harm could come to me and people would move out of my way: I was Mount Olympus and immortal, they were passing clouds and would soon be gone and forgotten. In short, people moved out of my way because I moved at a pace set by myself while they were being compelled by forces beyond their control to rush around like blind, crazy animals.
P75 is powerful.
Sadly, the mental effect lessened considerably a few days into wearing p75. Whilst the aloofness was still present, the sense of being present in my own skin and power, my mantle of divinity disappeared. I was still fearless, but it was only because of alack of fear rather than because I was filled with might and power.
I upped the dose to two sprays and found that it had a pretty different effect to my initial experiences of p75 at 2.5mcgs. I was expecting the sense of power to return but it only seemed to intensify my lack of fear which manifested in a complete lack of concern for what others might be thinking or feeling. I felt like I'd accessed some saurian level of consciousness that lay in our distant past. I was no longer a god, I was a lizard basking in the suns rays on a rock, completely unconcerned with nearby creatures because they were not close enough or large enough to be a threat.
My sense of social anxiety was non-existent, but it was because I was less than I am not because something had been added to me to make me confident. The part of me that worried about what others might be thinking was negated somehow.
I confess, I found this freedom from my very human concern for others liberating, but I found that it has its downsides. When I'm wearing p75 I do not care how my words or actions might affect others because I am Logic and emotions are such meaningless, trifling things. I answered questions with complete honesty. One might think that this is a good thing, but little white lies make the world go round smoothly and dissembling often keeps the lid on Pandora's box from exploding. 
Furthermore, honesty is death in a professional setting. I got into several arguments at work, including one spectacular alteraction (I mean this literally ? the whole floor stopped what they were doing and watched) with a female manager. After she stopped shouting at the top of her lungs, she burst into tears and ran out of the office. I carried on with what I was doing completely unmoved by her gratuitous display because I knew she was Wrong and would come round to my way of thinking if she considered things rationally.
This degree of cold reasoning is not much better in a personal setting. I somehow managed to convince a significant other that I did not love her and did not care about her because I lacked any ability to listen (by which she meant empathise or show sympathy). I could not figure out what she was talking about because I was listening and answering her questions, but with the coldness of a sociopath or an incarnation of Spock. This was by far the worst side effect of p75, the lack of ability to relate on a human/emotional level, and it caused a great deal of upset and pain for one significant other.
I can see p75 might have a place when one requires freedom from emotion and cold reason, but I do not recommend it for daily wear with others you care about. Wear it when cold approaching, when seducing someone, when you want to cause negative emotions in someone to gain the upper hand, but if you end up in a relationship with them, put the p75 away.”
*Most names were changed to protect the innocent.