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Pheromone P96 Oil - Attraction, Comfort, Seduction, Closeness Oil

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The best selling putative pheromone in our entire catalog, now conveniently dosed in a Stealth Unfragranced oil and ready to ship.

P96 Observational summary:

* Comfortable, Sexual, Cuddly, Cheerfulness, Beautifying, Focused, Calm, Attractive, Closeness, Lingering, -rone modulator 

* The feedback of users about P96 vary from having everything from calming effects to sexual. 

* Majority of the users said that they got “attraction hits” from P96. Some users even felt sexual and, in common parlance, “horny” themselves while wearing this.

* One user said that it targets younger woman and leaves a touchy effect on older women.

* Another user pitched the idea of P96 leaving a lingering effect on women.

* Aside from attraction, other users shared calming and comfortable effects. Other users became happy while others became focused.

* Effects are individual, although limited in scope.

* One user suggested a notable review, connecting P96's attraction and comfortable effects through a three-step process - comfort, bonding, and attraction. Another feedback concluded that P96 is a -rone modulator, making androsterone hit harder.

While many users got satisfying effects, some users did not feel any noticeable effects from P96. Like everything that’s individual in nature, some people do not respond in any obvious way. They may be responding covertly, or simply not responding.

Interesting Combos: 

  • A314 + 35 mcg of P96 (understanding)
  • A314 + P96 + Jerk (attraction)
  • 2 drops of A314 + 1 spray of 25 mcg P96 (charming but calm and collected)
  • 1 drop A314 + 5-10mcg p96 + 1 spray Shine 1X = hell of a general mix that has great fallout to it. Get hit on by women anymore than that. You are the man factor is a 10 with this one. Also a basic cougar mix for the 40+ crowd.
  • 1 spray AMMO 1X + 10-15mcg P96 = works extremely well for attraction and hits hard and fast too. This is a very simple, yet very effective for attracting women. Men are very open as well, very social with no down sides to this setup. Another top contender for the pulling of women factor, while still maintaining that cool guy status among men.
  • 1 spray Turn Up the Heat 2.5mcg + 10mcg P96 = opens up the younger women more. This also works on men to get respect from them, and some kind of male connection. More intense sexually than other setups.
  • 1 spray Turn Up the Heat 2.5mcg + 5mcg P96 + 5mcg Molecule C = This is a very fun mix to get respect from men and you are out to pull women with no problems. Best setting for this would definitely be more uninhibited places like bars and clubs.