Shine - Mood Enhancing Pheromone For Men

Shine - Mood Enhancing Pheromone For Men

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Shine (in it’s more obvious spray form) is the #1 favorite Pheromone Formula for newbies and those “afraid” to try pheromones.

Shine Mood Enhancing Pheromone:

— Makes people come closer
— Encourages many people to violate normal personal space boundaries — sort of like visiting Italy! =)
— Be known as the “good vibe guy” — the bearer of good feelings— Enhances the mood of the wearer, and especially of those around you
— Turns that frown upside down. Make more days “a good day’ for both you and others

Shine was originally named the way it is since it was viewed as adding a finishing "shine" to the wearer. That something extra that brings out the best.

You may wax your car or clean your windows to bring out the best of what's already there. Similarly, you can use Shine alone, or with almost any mix of pheromones to put a focus on the good that's already there. To add something extra.

Shine works perfectly like this. People sing songs about Shining in your life, and the Shine pheromone formula can roughly work like this.

However, after years of use, we now understand that it’s working as a general mood enhancer for both the wearer and those around you. This is why it ends up being so universally helpful. It’s also why it seems to do so many things.

Mood expresses itself in many, many ways. A positive mood brings countless gifts.

We find Shine especially good for men who tend to be seen as “too serious” or perceived as having a dark mood. It's a feeling that's very uplifting, lively and young. Now you can have people view you as a positive influence, or even someone that helps "bring the party".

It adds a good bit of fun to life. It can take ordinary social interactions and make them more fun, even a little comical.

Men tend to be serious by nature. Many successful men are even seen as overly serious or grumpy. The Shine effect can provide a very welcome 360 degree change for many.

One strategy is to be the serious, high status A314 “go get ‘em” guy at work by day and the playful, lively Shine guy by night or during social situations.

If you’re getting up there in years, we also find Shine to have something of a potent age regression or “rewind effect”. If you’re a strong responder, you get a taste of that youthful feel again. What’s more, other people respond to as if you are younger.  

It’s absolutely delightful to turn back time a little in this way.


Spray details

You get 40 sprays of the near original “Instant Shine” formula so many people love. The spray gives you quick hit of feel good, happy, shiny molecules.

We’re not talking a drug like “hit” here, this is a wholesome and healthy feel good experience. Some describe it sort of like a runners high. A “happy to be alive” type of mood boosting effect.

There is indeed something awfully “shiny and healthy” about Shine that words can’t easily convey. You need to try it to fully understand.

The formula is calibrated so 2 sprays are one use, giving you 20 experiences per spray bottle. However, as the spray is potent and obvious, some people are perfectly happy with just 1, which would give you 40 experiences.

Other people like to push it to 3 or 4 sprays, or just use more on special occasions occasion.

Right now you get double for your money! During the Instant Shine relaunch, we’re currently sending out 2 bottles of the spray with small variations, to see which one clients prefer. The favorite will become the default.

Oil details

The oil provides a slower release, more mellow experience of Shine.

At 2 drops per outing this equals a bit over 72 enhanced social experiences per bottle. The effects are gentle, but last for hours at 2 drops.

At full retail, that’s just $1.375 USD per enhanced outing @ 2 drops per use. At the promotional pricing, it's just 95 cents (or even less) per outing. Even if you go crazy and use 3 to 5 drops, like some people like to, it's still very little in today's world. Less than a coffee and more fun.

More adventurous people may like using more drops, but we tend to not recommend anything over 4 or 5 drops per use. While lower is better for daily life,  there’s certainly a place for experimentation.

Update: Over the past 7+ months, since the release of the new oil version, we’ve been hearing that 3 drops is a nice sweet spot when more obvious effects are desired... but some people can’t help using 4 or 5 for a more energetic and obvious effect.

The 5ml Swiss made, black glass bottle contains about 145 drops. The top is a glass globe dropper made in France. It allows for precision placement and dosing.

The contents are all American and European made. This is one of those rare, completely first world products. There's not many left!

A short story from our store manager, Dan: 

“I have a recent story to show how Shine can a bit of pizazz to any life situation.

I was wearing 2 or 3 drops of Shine oil and went to Whole Foods grocery store looking for a healthy dinner. I thought I'd try that funny new pizza that somehow packs in 5 full servings of vegetables. To my surprise, they didn’t seem to stock it anymore. I asked one young man nearby where it went.

Soon, I had 5 or 6 young male employees around me falling over themselves to look for it. It was a topic of conversation for them for the remaining 20 minutes I was there.

I didn’t make a big deal of it or anything, but it was enjoyable to see my small question transfer into a personal concern for everyone I came into contact with. My curiosity became their curiosity. For some, it became their mission that day to figure out what happened to this veggie packed pizza. That small question became a big concern, literally "going viral" right there in real life. 

Just a little bit of Shine with a small amount of social interaction lead to that bit of fun. (Oh, and they promised to stock that kooky cool pizza again. Double win!)

Shine doesn’t always have this sort of intense chain reaction effect, but this was a fun one to watch. It’s definitely a hit with the young and the healthy, which is why I think it worked especially well in this scenario.

Although both men & women love the feel of Shine, men tend to show even more obvious responses to this particular formula. This may have contributed to the chain reaction type effect among the young male staff.”