Summer Pheromone for Men
Summer Pheromone for Men
Summer Pheromone for Men
Summer Pheromone for Men

Summer Pheromone for Men

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What if you could take some of the good feelings of Summer and bottle it?

Well, hey, bottling emotions is exactly what we're here for!

Introducing Summer v1.0

Summertime is an interesting season. There's a strong mix of both excitement and relaxation. It's sort of funny, as often we're getting excited to relax!

Now you get a mix of both of these delicious feelings with Summer v1.0.

For the first release, you get -2- bottles. Two variations. One of the standard release, and one that's a little bit experimental. (Androtics is known for it's experimentation, which drives this tech forward)

Spray Summer on and you’ll be simultaneously unleashing some of excitement of Molecule A, the relaxing effects of P74, the simultaneously mellow and upbeat effects of the famously desirable P96, and more.

The additional experimental bottle uses some newer tech for you to play with and enjoy.

Both variations are perfect for the rest of summer and beyond.

You know we yearn for these effervescent summer feelings whenever it’s not summer.

Now you can get a taste of summer any time of the year without resorting to nasty quantum side effects of using janky, consumer grade time machines (which don’t even exist yet! oops!)

Yeah, that's right... even after summer as a season is long gone, you can get some of that feeling sback by spraying on Summer v1.0. Summertime, anytime.

What You Get:

Summer comes in an 2-pack of spray bottles, which includes the "standard" formula and 1 variation. Try both, and let us know which one you prefer.

You get 40 sprays per 5ml bottle. 80 total.

A normal application is two sprays, giving you 40 total "Summer experiences", but some people prefer more, some less. It depends on what works best with your biology and personality.

This is a strong formula, so there will definitely be users that prefer a single spray.


A typical application will cost less than a dollar, which is honestly the cheapest fun you'll have these days!

How to Use it:

Spray Summer on the hot spots of your body where you'd normally apply fragrance. The wrists and the crook of the arm the tried & true spots that work as well for pheromones as they do scents.

There's plenty of application points which don't get enough love...

The back of the neck get warm, which makes it a perfect spot for diffusion (the action of moving the mocules from your skin to the air around you).

A spray to the hair almost always works marvelously, although keep in mind that some shampoos do not remove pheromones or fragrance very well. That's the main downside of hair applicaiton.

In the warmer months, many people expose more of their neck and chest skin to the air, making it a perfect application point. More surface area is always a good thing when it comes to pheromonal diffusion.

The formulator of these products has been recommending the back of the hands the past few years. 


When you want to intentionally wash the pheormones over someone else, just slyly blow on of your application points.

For example, you could spray on the back of your hands, and then move your hand to your chin in a "thinking posture" -- and blow a little gust of air over your pheromones. Or pretend you're going to cough, and instead quickly blow some air over the back of your hand.


Summer v1.0 comes with a hybrid between our Stealth Package and fragranced.

It's very lightly scented with our "Blue Summer" fragrance, much less than we'd normally use thanks to adding in our Stealth diffusion package.

This combination allows it to better work in very warm environments, where molecules can diffuse (move from your skin to the air around you) a little too quickly with Stealth alone.

The mild fragrance gives the formula more "fixation", which is a word perfumers use to mean that it makes it last longer.


There are no special warnings for this formula. This is a family, friends, dating and business friendly formula. We wouldn't recommend you wear it while operating heavy machinery or flying a jet plane, but it seems to be compatible with most day to day human activities.

Although lightly scented, it's probably too much for fragrance sensitive individuals and for frangrance free environments.

If you use our formulas on or around chemically sensitive individuals, you should steer more towards "Stealth unfragranced" only formulas. (or "Naked" formulas in the women's area)

At the time of this writing, all pure Stealth formulas use only nature identical molecules and tend to be the least allergenic.