The Gift V1.0

The Gift V1.0

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This is The Gift v1.0, which combines the elevatory addictiveness of Smooth with attention grabbing aspects in Hunted… but all without androstenone, so you can use The Gift anywhere!

That’s right, The Gift is the only attraction-first mix outside of Smooth that’s completely androstenone free. That means you can use it ANYWHERE, without scaring children or making grannies think you’re too damn sexy in public. (The downside of the powerful androstenone molecule is that it’’s really not socially acceptable)

Now you can go anywhere, do anything, and be secretly bio-engineered for enhanced attraction. Like you’re a double agent making your way through the world. The red dot on the maps amongst all the greys.

You play the person formerly know as You in real life, and with the help of formulas such as The Gift and Smooth, lead a secret life as one of the world’s sexiest men. Cool!

For 1 week, or the first 500 bottles, whichever comes first, The Gift is available during the short 1 week “Half Price Introduction” period. Target price of The Gift is $59 to $79 per bottle.  We’ll keep the MSRP at $59 while the economy sorts itself out.

That makes Half Price Introduction price this week only $29. To qualify, you must agree to leave a review within a month of receiving the Gift. That’s all!

Thanks for participating in this half price introduction. (Although we’re pretty sure in a hot second you’ll be thanking us for this one)

Be The Gift to women, and let them bestow you with their gifts in return.



Comes in the Androtics Blue scent, which has become somewhat trendy the past few years.

You’ll find this in Hunted, Smooth, and Ammo as well.

Does it worked with people behind a mask?


Part of the long wait was because we were figuring out how to make these things blast through masks.

The Gift is the first formula that uses the new powerful v4 of our diffusion tech.